Retailer of the month (May): Active Human has achieved success abroad thanks to Webinterpret’s unrivalled levels of customer service!

Webinterpret’s featured retailer this month is Active Human.Read where Lee Salad discusses how Webinterpret has helped his company boost its’ sales whilst sticking to a tight investment budget!


“Active Human is an online fitness and leisurewear retailer, based in the UK. We specialize in Running, Cycling and Triathlon apparel. We also offer a range of general fitness clothing and leisurewear.”

  • Why did you need to use Webinterpret?

“We wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that the international eBay market has to offer.
We already had good sales in the UK and were beginning to start selling abroad.

However Webinterpret has enabled us to significantly increase our presence internationally.

They have achieved this by translating our item listings into the language of the countries where we wanted to sell our products.

They have also adapted our listings for each different eBay site, by modifying the categories, converting the prices into the accurate currencies, adapting the shipping cost, …
The translation and adaptation of our listings into the different languages of the local eBay websites has really boosted our sales and this has only been made possible and easy to do thanks to Webinterpret.


  • What success have you experienced since partnering with Webinterpret?

“We expected our international sales to increase with Webinterpret. But, we didn’t expect to have this level of success with such a wide range of countries including Australia, Germany, the US and even Kazakhstan!

Using Webinterpret has enabled us to appear as a local seller in each target country where we have listed our listings with Webinterpret. Active Human has achieved much higher visibility and presence internationally since partnering with Webinterpret. Today, we feel more confident about the way our international sales are being driven. The unrivalled level of Webinterpret’s customer service helps us in dealing with problems, answering questions and above all supporting us in driving our sales to a new level and developing international strategies in line with our company.”


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