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Tech Repair Lab sales up by 170% with Promoted Listings Advanced

I was hoping to increase my sales in other countries, and for the most part this has been achieved.

Irfan from Tech Repair Lab

The Story of Tech Repair Lab

tech repair

Tech Repair Lab is a UK-based mobile phone parts and accessories business founded by Irfan Patel in 2010. Originally inspired by the iPhone’s global success and its impact on the smartphone industry, Irfan (with his extensive background in IT) seized the opportunity to provide support for consumable electronics and opened his own business.

Today, Tech Repair Lab offers an impressive range of replacement parts for products from big names such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony. As a business, their main objectives are simple: to empower tech consumers to repair their own devices, provide them with the parts and knowledge to do so, and offer the highest level of service at affordable prices.

PLAchart 1

Left: Smartphone sales by units sold, 2007 – 2021 (Statista); Right: Smartphone sales by region, 2021 (Statista)

Looking to expand their sales internationally in 2018, Irfan received a recommendation from a colleague to try Webinterpret’s Internationalization solution for their store on eBay. Since Tech Repair Lab started using Webinterpret, they have been able to grow their visibility and sales out of 11 major international markets.

The Challenge

Internationalization exposed Tech Repair Lab to a large new pool of buyers on eBay, but the business was keen to promote its new and existing listings even further.

Specifically, how could their listings be shown to interested consumers under the most favourable buying conditions?

With this knowledge, Webinterpret proposed their Advertising solutions for eBay – Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings Advanced – for their international and domestic listings.

While both solutions present their own set of benefits and have produced strong results for the business’s overall sales, Promoted Listings Advanced has generated the most significant impact.

Promoted Listings Advanced: explained

Promoted Listings Advanced is a powerful advertising tool for eBay sellers looking to take promotions to the next level. It can be used on its own or alongside Promoted Listings Standard.

How does Promoted Listings Advanced differ from Promoted Listings Standard?

#1 Campaign customization

Promoted Listings Advanced gives sellers more control over campaigns, including the ability to set campaign budgets and target specific items or categories with keyword bidding.

In comparison, Promoted Listings Standard offers a more generalized campaign approach with limited options for customization.

#2 Campaign placement

Ads generated through Promoted Listings Advanced receive access to Premium Placements including top of search and target buyers who are interested in buying a particular item.

In comparison, Promoted Listings Standard places campaigns in buyer searches, listing pages and My eBay to a broader audience who are interested in buying similar or relevant items.

#3 Campaign model

Promoted Listings Advanced is based on a cost-per-click campaign model, meaning sellers are charged when a buyer clicks on a promoted listing.

In comparison, Promoted Listings Standard is based on a cost-per-sale campaign model, meaning sellers are charged when a buyer clicks on a promoted listing and purchases the item.

While the cost-per-click campaign model may seem riskier at first glance, the additional controls and preferred placement of Promoted Listings Advanced campaigns can help sellers reach more interested buyers that are ready to purchase their item (and in turn, increase their overall sales).

Ultimately, deciding which model to use depends on a seller’s business goals and budget. Tech Repair Lab used a blended budget approach by combining Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Standard, resulting in maximum visibility and results across eBay.

The Result

Tech Repair Lab decided to launch campaigns on using Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Standard as well as on several international markets using Promoted Listings Standard.


Over the past year, they have seen an increase of 170% on their overall sales from using Promoted Listings Advanced for their domestic listings. Every £1 in ad spend amounts to an average return of £10 on Combined with their campaign results from Promoted Listings Standard, their domestic sales have increased by 154%, with international sales up by 49%.

“I was hoping to increase my sales in other countries, and for the most part this has been achieved,” says Irfan about his results using Webinterpret’s Internationalization and Advertising solutions.

image 1

Overall sales (%) increase across campaign models, May 2022 – January 2023

About Promoted Listings Advanced

Drive more traffic to your listings with access to premium placements (including top of search) using Promoted Listings Advanced by Webinterpret for your domestic and international markets. Our simple and automated solution can easily make your items stand out among the 1.3 billion listings on eBay.

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