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Pure Watches grows international sales by 186% with Promoted Listings Standard

This increase in sales is definitely a welcome surprise

Andrew from Pure Watches

The Story of Pure Watches

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Long before Pure Watches became a Top Rated Seller of luxury Rolex watches on eBay, Andrew and his father had always shared an interest in quality watches. Andrew said, “We always loved the beauty of timepieces and wanted to share our knowledge and experiences with other people. We believe in offering quality watches to customers who will also come to cherish them.”

Building this interest into a business where Andrew and his father could share their valuable expertise was the next logical step. Since 2009, Pure Watches has been specializing in Rolex watches with a memorable touch: embedding diamonds into watch dials and bezels. Over the past decade, the business has grown a strong reputation in the Jewelry & Watches eBay category with 100% positive feedback, and just surpassed their 8,000th sale.

Pure Watches has been using eBay’s Cross Border Listing Program in partnership with Webinterpret since 2019, which has boosted their international sales through item localization on 4 marketplaces: eBay UK, eBay Australia, eBay Germany and eBay France.

The Challenge

The business has been using eBay’s advertising service, Promoted Listings, for their items on and have had positive results on domestic sales. However, this service was not available for their localized listings on international eBay marketplaces. Pure Watches was approached by Webinterpret to use their Promoted Listings Standard service and began advertising their localized items in their respective marketplaces, reaching more buyers than ever before.

The Result


Since Pure Watches started using Promoted Listings Standard on their international listings, the business has seen an increase of 186% on their international sales. Every $1 in ad spend amounts to an average return of $54 in eBay UK, eBay Australia, eBay Germany and eBay France. Watch sales are heavily impacted by seasonality, so the business is constantly changing their campaign ad rate in relation to their expected fluctuations in buyer traffic. Webinterpret’s Promoted Listings Standard solution allows Pure Watches to customize their ad rate as they choose, which has moved between 1% to 3.5% depending on their anticipated sales.

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Sales (%) increase for seasonal watch sales, June 2021 – January 2022

About Promoted Listings

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