[Case Study] Diamond Jim’s boosts its sales by over 45%

With Webinterpret your sales will skyrocket. We saw an immediate rise in internet sales of 10% and some months over 30%.

Roy Schott, www.ebay.com/usr/diamondjims4gold


DetailsDiamond Jim’s is a successful jewelry business selling selected American and native American wears. It caters to customers of different tastes and ages; “they can be 8 years old and getting their ears pierced for the first time, or 80, and celebrating or renewing their vows’, says Roy Schott, Director of Operations at Diamond Jim’s.

It all started with the owner’s passion for jewelry: “I have a passion for jewelry. I sell what I sell because I love to make people happy. It’s generational and has so much emotion attached to it,“ says Diamond Jim. In the beginning, the company operated two brick and mortar shops in Phoenix, Arizona. However, as both sales and the Internet began to grow rapidly, the owner quickly understood that there were new ways to reach customers and sell their products. That’s when Diamond Jim’s began selling on eBay.


The company knew that promoting their products on their domestic eBay website was not enough and that growing internationally was one of the quickest ways to scale up their business. However, putting up listings in the relevant native languages and native currencies proved to be quite challenging.


AchievementsWhen searching for suitable solutions Roy looked at a couple of providers. However, what they offered was very limited. It was Webinterpret’s solution that drew Roy’s attention. The possibility to list their products on up to 10 international markets, in local languages and local currencies, was exactly what he wanted. All that thanks to a simple and very straightforward solution and with a clear benefit: an increased international exposure, and also better conversion with international buyers.


Diamond Jim saw an immediate rise in internet sales of 10% and some months over 45% since joining Webinterpret. The solution allowed them to sell their products throughout the European Union, but perhaps to even more exotic countries like New Zealand and Australia. “The customers that we’ve got through Webinterpret have been delighted with the products. They have access to American products and perhaps even Native American wear they’d never get any other way,” admits Roy.


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Data based on revenue figures 5 months before joining vs. 5 months after joining Webinterpret.

Active Cross Border Listing Program

The Active Cross Border Listing Program is provided by eBay in partnership with Webinterpret.

Webinterpret enables sellers to instantly expand worldwide and boost their online sales. It gives their eBay items a new reach by exposing them to new international buyers on eBay’s international sites. In addition to that, Webinterpret converts international buyers better by giving them a full end-to-end local shopping experience.

*Overall sales increase. Data based on revenue increase 5 months before joining vs. 5 months after joining Webinterpret.
†Based on revenue data per country from 1st December 2018 to 1st October 2019.


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