[FREE ebook] 15 HOT tips to drive your Christmas ecommerce sales

Not so many sleeps left till Christmas and you may be wondering whether you got it right with your online shop and sales? Probably you can already tell whether the results thus far are what you’ve been expecting. Or maybe you see what might have gone better.

Either way, since Christmas is coming closer, let’s recap some useful tips for all online sellers who want to do more than fine at the festive season.

Read our HOT Christmas tips and think about what you did get right and what can still be improved when the next holiday period comes along.

15 HOT tips that will help you maximise your online sales at Christmas time:

  1. Offer free delivery, even a single Free Shipping Day.
  2. Offer fast delivery on top of the standard delivery option: the thought of Christmas gifts not arriving on time is a source of great distress for many buyers.
  3. Send your customers delivery updates: tell your buyers that you will keep them informed about the delivery status. They will feel more confident, also about you as the service provider.
  4. Plan your stock: your stock levels will fluctuate during the festive season so you should ensure that there’s a backup when you run out of certain items. You can also give your customers an option to sign up for an email alert that will notify them when items are available.
  5. Organise and let others know about your sales offer: you have a flash sale or a new bestseller? Put it out there!
  6. Start acquiring potential customers a few months before Christmas.
  7. Make your returns policy easy: especially when stressed last-minute shoppers come into play.
  8. Highlight gift wrapping options.
  9. Retarget your Christmas customers in January: especially if you have post-Christmas deals in store for them.
  10. Offer vouchers that can be redeemed in the future: many buyers will come back to shop with you again.
  11. Offer gift cards: their recipients usually spend 40% more than the card’s value, which can mean extra revenue for you.
  12. Use social media channels: to promote your Christmas content and deals.
  13. Use results from previous years and collect the current ones: plan for the next Christmas season.
  14. Don’t offer discounts too early: savvy customers know that they should wait for final price cuts. Thus, leave yourself some time in which to get the full price for your items.
  15. Don’t make your items too cheap: this may devalue your brand.

… and why not … go global?

christmas_online_sales_sell_moreMany online sellers are convinced that they will see big Christmas sales figures by trading on their domestic markets only. In fact, there’s a good chance that the numbers will be pretty impressive, especially if gift items are being sold. Yet, domestic markets are only a small part of the big eCommerce landscape.

Take into consideration the fact that many shoppers want to buy unique gifts that are different to what is available locally. Imagine you’re a shopper and you’re looking for gifts at the festive time. What can happen if most local high-street retailers and online shops offer similar items?

Your nearest and dearest can end up buying exactly the same gift for you as you purchased for them. Awkward? Funny? Both? Of course, every such situation can be turned into a joke, but in many cases the feeling of awkwardness is likely to prevail. Hence, it is wise to make sure the gift is unique.

To avoid situations as above, one solution is to look for gifts elsewhere than on your local market. A good source of unique, rare items are foreign countries. Not only are we talking about the top marketplaces such as the UK, US or Germany, but also emerging ones, such as China and India, where you can find the most uncommon gifts. Many buyers know that well. Gift givers realise that if they order abroad, the chance that their pressie is unlikely to be duplicated is quite high.

Hence, it may be a good idea for you to localise your Christmas offers on international markets. Make your shop available to other buyers and make sure you provide them with your offers and product information in their native language. Do some research and decide which foreign marketplaces can bring you most benefits.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a magical time that brings families and friends together, but also works to online businesses’ benefit. Hence, why not make use of the tips we have provided in this article and test how they can help your Christmas sales?

If you’re one of those sellers who would like to enjoy increased sales figures at the festive season and see different results than thus far, go that extra mile. As Einstein put it, you can’t expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again. Think of what you have NOT tried before and test it.

And finally…

… we wish you all the best for this Christmas, not only in terms of business but also personally. May this wonderful time fill you and your nearest and dearest with joy!

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