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Ecommerce Calendar 2022 to plan & increase your sales fast

Ecommerce Calendar 2022 by Webinterpret contains key dates and events that present international sales opportunities for sellers on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces.

With 2022 approaching, this planner is to help online sellers navigate their ecommerce journey successfully in the coming year.

Webinterpret’s Ecommerce Calendar 2022 includes:

  • Key ecommerce dates & events
  • Monthly tips & useful links to help you grow your sales both domestically and internationally
  • A handy printable planner, calendar pages & notes sections.

Download Ecommerce Calendar 2022

ecommerce calendar 2022 planner download

Download Ecommerce Calendar 2022. The user-friendly format and a printable version will help you check out relevant information at a glance.

Happy New Sales in the new ecommerce reality!

The new decade has brought lots of uncertainty to our daily lives. The coronavirus pandemic, Brexit and other world events have made many of our plans go down the drain.

Luckily, despite the uncertain times, ecommerce is doing pretty well. Still, as COVID-19 and Brexit continue to affect international online sales, nobody knows for sure what the future holds in store.

As a result, in uncertain times, sometimes you’ll need to react to events as they’re unfolding. However, beware of relying on a time-will-tell approach. Instead make sure:

  • Your business first aid kit is well-equipped in the event of potential adversities.
  • You give yourself a chance to explore options you haven’t before so your business can pivot quickly no matter the circumstances.

Exploring new sales opportunities and options often allows sellers to plan and balance the sales between markets, to spread the risk and make the most of diversification.

Our Ecommerce Calendar 2022 will point you towards opportunities as well as options. You’ll learn when, what and how to sell online to shoppers on different markets so you can maximize your revenue in 2022.

When it comes to events and big days in 2022, we can’t make plans with 100% certainty, but we already know that restricting public gatherings doesn’t mean the end of celebrations.

In the worst case scenario, instead of canceling meetings and events, many people will find ways to celebrate in smaller groups or virtually. Instead of opening wrapped gifts, many individuals will be opening parcels from eBay, Amazon or receiving virtual gifts.

Your 2022 ecommerce plan

When planning ecommerce activities and campaigns for 2022, you may want to concentrate most of your efforts towards the end of the coming year. As Q4 is jam-packed with big sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, Q4 may feel like a sprint from the planning perspective.

However, it is slow, but steady, that wins the race. There may come the time to speed up, but “sprinting” in the last three months of the year is not necessary.

Instead, spreading your activities and campaigns in a consistent way across the whole year may be your optimal strategy.

Every month counts and offers sales potential. Check out a few examples below:

  1. January: Winter Sales Season/January sales, International Creativity Month
  2. February: Valentine’s Day, Random Act of Kindness Day
  3. March: International Women’s Day, White Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Holi Festival, Optimism Month
  4. April: Easter, San Jordi, Les French Days, Stress Awareness Month
  5. May: May Bank Holiday, Mother’s Day, Creative Beginnings Month
  6. June: Corpus, Christi, Father’s Day, International Yoga Day
  7. July: Summer Sale Season, Independence Day (USA), Amazon Prime Day, Holiday Time
  8. August: Book Lovers’ Day, International Dog Day, Holiday Time
  9. September: Back to school, World Tourism Day, Allegro Smart Week, Self-Care Awareness Month
  10. October: German Unity Day, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  11. November: Singles’ Day (China), Remembrance Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  12. December: Saint Nicholas Day, Green Monday, Super Saturday (Panic Saturday), Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Universal Human Rights Month.

Exploring less obvious options is a game worth playing: by focusing on lesser known local selling peaks on different markets, you can earn even more internationally than during the Christmas season!

On top of major online shopping days and special dates, such as Christmas or Black Friday, there are plenty of more regional events that can generate extra sales for your store after Covid-19. For example, Singles’ Day in China or the Spanish San Jordi tradition of gifting books and roses.

Webinterpret has put together the 2022 ecommerce calendar to help you keep track of crucial dates and plan your sales & marketing strategy throughout the coming year.

Ecommerce Calendar 2022: free download

Download the Ecommerce Calendar 2022 & enjoy your 2022 sales!

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