Where and what to sell in Europe if you are an American online seller – Part 1.

Online sellers from the United States are already selling their products on European markets. We were curious as to how their overseas sales were going. Our analytics together with our Cross Border Trade Specialists have prepared an analysis on which categories of American products are in the greatest demand on European markets. They have also checked where exactly these categories have the biggest potential. What we have found out may give you same clues on what and where you can sell to achieve higher revenue if you are an online seller from the USA.

Overseas market share according to category

The aim of this analysis was to check where the potential lies for American online sellers so they can generate even more revenue, said one of Webinterpret’s CBT Specialists who carried out the analysis. What we found out is that the biggest opportunities for American sellers who want to sell their items overseas can be found in the British and German markets. However there are categories that are emerging strongly in Italy, France, Australia and Spain.

The top 3 categories with the highest market share overseas are: 1st –  Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, 2nd – Jewelry & Watches, 3rd – Health & Beauty. As you can see on the pie chart below, together they account for 73% of all international sales made by American online sellers on the European market. So if you are a seller who is not present on those countries yet but selling one of these 3 product categories, this may be a good moment to consider venturing into these markets.

For those of you who would like to achieve a better understanding of which subcategories of these best categories were the most successful overseas we went on to delve a little deeper in our analysis. Regarding the top category i.e. “Clothing, shoes & accessories”, we learned that its best selling subcategory is “Men’s Clothing”, the 2nd place goes to “Men’s Shoes” and the 3rd to “Sunglasses and Fashion Eyewear”. Can we draw the conclusion that British guys like the American style, or their significant others want them to look this way? This is what we haven’t found out yet. Maybe some of you have an idea?

American sellers who decided to sell their inventory on the German market matched the demand if they were selling Jewelry and Watches and the Australian market seemed to be keen on Cameras & Photo items from the USA.



If you are curious about the places where these categories are the most popular we have already prepared something and will publish it soon. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to visit the Webinterpret blog again.

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