Where and what to sell in Europe if you are an American online seller Part 2.

Welcome back to the analysis of American online sellers` best selling categories. In the 1st part of this analysis we told you which of the American online sellers` categories are in the greatest demand on European markets. We also partly shared with you where these categories attract the highest interest. Today it is time to reveal the whole story about these categories, so in our opinion, if you are selling clothes, shoes, jewelry, cameras, sporting goods, health & beauty or Home & Garden products this article contains information you may find interesting.

Let’s start with the category in which American sellers generate the highest revenue. The first place goes to “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories”. As you can see in the chart below, half of its potential is covered by the British market.


Take a look at the pie charts, select the category you are selling in and check out which parts of Europe hold the potential you may not have explored yet.

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