Pictograms symbolizing Webinterpret's plans for 2024

A look back at 2023 and Webinterpret’s plans for 2024

2023 has been a remarkable year filled with growth and learning in ecommerce.

We’ve had a chance to observe AI revolution’s impact on the marketplace shopping experience. Simultaneously, online sellers were faced with the challenge of finding growth opportunities in steady or decreasing markets.

As Webinterpret, we’ve witnessed businesses adapt, innovate, and strategize to ultimately thrive amidst the complexities of selling globally, while staying compliant with a multitude of international regulations.

webinterpret vision2023 was also a year of significant achievements for our clients, partners, and team.

Together, we’ve navigated challenges, celebrated successes, and worked towards making our world more connected and borderless.

Above all else, we helped generate over 258 000 000€ in total for our sellers. Other achievements and key milestones include:

  • 420 000 000 listings localized
  • 74 000 shipping and free return labels generated
  • 17 000 businesses taken global

webinterpret 2023

We are excited about what the future holds and the possibilities that lie ahead. There is a lot in store for us, including the opportunity to open up many new marketplaces for our customers.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story.

Here’s to 2024 – a year filled with even more growth, collaboration, and success!

2024 ecommerce calendar

Download the Ecommerce Calendar 2024 and enjoy your sales all year round!

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