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Webinterpret appoints new CEO. Interview with Adrien Salvat

Each year brings changes to the global ecommerce landscape. For Webinterpret, November 2022 marked a transition too — we have appointed a new CEO to lead the company through its next phase of growth. Adrien Salvat has been announced as Webinterpret’s Chief Executive Officer and will be responsible for the further strategic development of our brand.

Next phase of growth

“At Webinterpret, our vision is to make the world one marketplace and we can do this now by supporting sellers across their entire global selling journey”, says Adrien Salvat.

Deploying our full-stack solution across multiple marketplaces and helping brands and private labels in growing their global businesses is our main focus”, Adrien adds. Webinterpret is excited for Adrien to lead the company through its next phase of growth. This year’s release of our full-stack cross-border solution, combining new Marketing, Shipping, and Returns services have laid the groundwork for this change.

We had a chance to sit down with Adrien Salvat, our new CEO, and briefly discuss company goals, who we are as an organization walking into 2023, and most importantly his vision and strategy for the upcoming months.

Interview with Adrien Salvat

Magdalena Kobus: Adrien, first of all, congratulations on your new role!

Let me ask about a few things that are on everyone’s mind: ecommerce businesses selling cross-border have struggled in the last 3 years, being impacted by global events. What’s been the biggest challenge in regard to that?

Adrien Salvat: We have faced major changes in the ecommerce cross-border trade industry, especially in Europe. Although the demand remains solid, the supply structure has evolved and now comprises a more diversified country mix. It is now harder to sell from non-EU to EU (due to VAT regulation) as well as from UK to EU (due to Brexit) which were major cross-border corridors.

How did Webinterpret help their customers survive the pandemic, Brexit, and new challenging European regulations?

Adrien: As Webinterpret we have addressed that by offering a wide range of services to help our customers sell efficiently in the EU and worldwide, especially around compliance and logistics. We also decided to focus our seller acquisition efforts on a few countries in order to help them as comprehensively as possible.

The market evolution has forced us to change our offering from a “localization service” to a “full stack cross border solution”. Webinterpret is now in a very solid position to assist our merchants in their international expansion and can help them with all their needs. We have seen incredible results from merchants using all our services together.

Is that the direction that the company will pursue further under your reign?

Adrien: Our ambition for the years to come is to ensure more businesses benefit from our unique end-to-end solution stack. The goal is also to support more marketplaces in order to enable sellers to reach more buyers and raise the resilience of their businesses.

Before joining Webinterpret 7 years ago, you were the founder and CEO of, a technology-driven logistics company. Can you elaborate on how Webinterpret’s Shipping & Returns solutions stand out from the competition?

Adrien: The logistics industry is highly competitive and established but critical to any online success. I have launched multiple logistics products and businesses throughout my career but I have always come to the same conclusion: For companies like ours, it’s crucial to discover our niche to succeed.

At Webinterpret, we don’t just want to replicate what our competitors are doing. Instead, we listen to our customers and their needs, so that we can identify and address their pain points. And possibly find solutions that aren’t yet being offered to them. That’s how we find ways to figure out the essence of the service and create a unique value around it. We combine business strategy, tech, and creativity to deliver results you haven’t seen before.

Hence, we aim to solve our merchant’s problems as opposed to creating mainstream solutions where the competition is very established. A good example is our Returns service – for which we launched about 7,000 merchants in less than 4 months! That wouldn’t have been possible without a clear value proposition!

My last question: leadership isn’t easy in this kind of uncertain reality we live in. What’s your approach to it?

Adrien: In my eyes, this is an excellent time to show leadership!

From a business perspective – many ecommerce tech businesses will face major challenges in the coming year. Some businesses will “disappear”, some will come out stronger. Webinterpret has set up itself to be resilient in uncertain times and is ready to face this uncertain time.

From a product perspective – we have adapted our offering to help our customers be more efficient in the new reality. This is another chance for us to take leadership in our industry.

Innovation is what drives my modus operandi. And uncertain times require us all to stay innovative. I aim to use my skills to help the company drive change through existing and new channels.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and for your ongoing dedication to making online selling accessible to anyone. I’m excited to be a part of Webinterpret’s next phase of growth and to see where you take it from here.


I was not aware of Webinterpret’s new services. How can I learn more about them?

For more information about Webinterpret solutions and all marketplace-related queries in general, you can check the Help Center or contact our Customer Care Team directly via the Contact Form. Current pricing for all features is available on our Pricing Page.

Are Shipping and Returns available across all countries?

Webinterpret’s Returns services are available across the US, UK, as well as for the German, French, Spanish, and Italian markets. The Shipping service is now active in the US, UK, but is expected to be launched soon across Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

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