We improve translation accuracy to help ecommerce merchants sell even more

Tamara AguileraWebinterpret supports online sellers grow their international sales and has always been focusing on providing the highest quality translations whilst creating and localizing International listings on international eBay and Amazon sites.  

We asked Tamara Aguilera, a Quality Assurance Specialist working with the Quality Assurance team to ensure high quality translations, to shed some light on their daily work.

Tamara, tell us what the Quality Assurance Team is working on at the moment?

Quality Assurance is the part of Webinterpret that takes care of the quality of listing translations. Our Customers already know that Webinterpret is a mix of human and machine translations provided by our software and it is our responsibility to continuously improve the final results and make sure translated listings sell.

Could you explain what you mean by taking responsibility for the translation quality, what does this actually involve?

Our main tasks involve identifying the most common issues that occur in translation. Then, after identifying them we make sure that those issues are solved and do not reappear. To achieve this we involve other Webinterpret departments such as developers, the natural language processing team and the support team.

At the moment we are also working on conversion charts which are very important for retailers who sell clothes or shoes internationally via the Internet. We know that being very precise when specifying the sizes of clothes or shoes is critical because when the sizes and measurements are correct and clearly visible within the listing it gives potential buyers more confidence to buy.

That’s why Webinterpret has upgraded its systems so that sellers are able to set the conversion charts into the relevant international sizes for the country in which the listing appears. Another very important aspect of our work is category mapping. In order to make sure that the categories match from country to country we have to carry out manual checks. Even though these checks are very time consuming and demanding and require an understanding of the category specification we do them because they give great results in terms of our customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of our customer’s clients.

You mentioned the results you’ve achieved. Could you give some examples?

Translations Quality Assurance Team

Yes, of course. I am glad to be able to say that we are already seeing real improvement, especially in the most important area of translation issues. Our main goal at the beginning of the project was to decrease the number of tickets that we receive from customers regarding issues with translations and we have achieved this and continue to work towards zero customer issues. Our whole strategy is about pleasing our customers and ensuring their satisfaction whilst using Webinterpret.

What are the most significant benefits that our customers can expect to enjoy in the near future?

I believe customers should see some big differences in the next few weeks. They can already benefit from the new conversion charts system and soon they will also enjoy even higher quality category mapping. When I say differences I mean improvements in areas such as communication with their customers and general functionality. In order to maintain good relationships with their customers, sellers must of course be able to understand them in the first place. We know how important accuracy and quality are for our sellers and we have these constantly in the forefront of our minds when we are working on the translations.

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