How buyers conduct product searches on Amazon vs. Google: new insights for online sellers

For many consumers Amazon is a go-to online retailer that some shoppers visit immediately when searching for a product, without using traditional search engines first.

So how is it with product searches on Amazon vs. Google? How can this help ecommerce sellers drive relevant customers to their product pages?

The study highlighted in this article will give you some direction when planning your marketing budget. It’s a comparison between top product searches on Amazon and on Google and relates to sponsored content.

Ecommerce searches vs. product category

The research is based on a Hitwise study on the basis of the top 100 product searches on Amazon internal site search, juxtaposed with the same searches on Google over the last quarter of 2016.

See the table below to check the share of consumers conducting some of the top product searches exclusively on Amazon, compared against the same searches taking place exclusively on Google.

ecommerce searches google amazon

To demonstrate how differently buyers search by product category, let’s take the searches for headphones and games as an example.

  • 77% of people conducting headphone searches did so exclusively on Amazon (vs. 21% on Google).
  • 56% of people conducting game searches did so exclusively on Google (vs. 38% on Amazon).

These facts give ecommerce sellers some good takeaway…

…headphone sellers should invest more in Amazon product listings and store optimization. Video game companies, in turn, should consider spending more on Google Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and SEO-optimized content.

ecommerce searches amazon google

Singular vs. plural searches and differences by income

When comparing multiple products, consumers are likely to use Google or both Google and Amazon to look for broader information.

In the case of singular product searches, though, such searches are more likely to be conducted on Amazon to check the specific models and prices available there.

High-income households tend to be Amazon-exclusive searchers. Meanwhile, the lower-income ones are more Google-exclusive.

One of the influencing factors may be the likelihood of higher-income households using Amazon Prime. As a result, more affluent households should be motivated to conduct more of their product searches exclusively on Amazon.

How can this knowledge help ecommerce sellers?

The peculiarities discussed in this article may not seem to be of any major importance. The devil is in the detail, though.

Understanding even tiny differences can mean huge benefits after you’ve knowingly allocated your budget. You may better understand whether to spend more time and effort on advertising your product on Amazon or a traditional search engine.

Understanding where and how buyers actually search for products can be the source of your competitive advantage. This is what will help you drive thousands of potential buyers to your product pages.

Small changes can bring about huge gains.

Promote your online store on foreign markets

Selling or wanting to sell your product on global markets but not sure how to drive international traffic to your online store?

Of course, for starters your website should be translated, but … that’s only the beginning.

You need to know some SEO. You need to be aware of the keywords that buyers from specific countries use when conducting their product searches. This goes beyond translation.

ecommerce seo keywords

A perfect dictionary match may not have too much to do with the keyword that will actually bring you money. The word that will make your product findable for the online buyer.

Ecommerce translation is more complex than finding the best matching words in a dictionary.

Germans and Austrians may speak the same language, but type in different keywords, browsing for the same product.

The bottom line … international SEO may be far from straightforward.

Luckily, international ecommerce specialists know how to drive foreign buyers to your website, whether they buy from Germany, Austria, Italy or the US.

To find out more on how to optimize your online store, book a FREE demo with our ecommerce specialist who will analyse your online shop and international sales potential.

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In a nutshell

Depending on the product you sell and the profile of your potential buyer, you need to consider the best advertising investment that is likely to bring you optimal results.

When selling a headphone, boosting your offer on Amazon may bring better results. When selling a video game, Google may do a better job.

Understanding the way consumers conduct their searches on the web is an invaluable source of knowledge that can boost your conversion rates on an unprecedented scale.

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