Sell fashion by email: great tips for ecommerce sellers

DeathtoStock Creative Community5 300x200Based on research made by Marketing Sherpa in 2015, we know that email is the communication form that 72% of consumers prefer when contacted by the company. Further statistics collected by the Direct Marketing Association say that 66% of consumers decided to buy something online because they received an interesting offer sent by email. The same association found out that email has an ROI of around 4,300%. The conclusion is: If you want to sell more then selling via email is the way to go. Today we would like to show when and how email marketing does the work for you and how it helps to grow your revenue.

Have your customers sign up for your newsletter

So let’s start from the beginning: Make sure you give your customers the opportunity to sign up for communication from your online store. They can do this while ordering products from your store during the checkout process. Make sure you ask them for permission to send them marketing offers in newsletters otherwise your email advertisement may be treated as spam. Take a look at how the GAP company tempts their potential customers to shop – giving the company the opportunity to collect their email addresses and receive permission to send them marketing emails. Offering a 40% discount off regular prices is a good idea and encourages customers to share their contact data.


Communicate to your customers that they are special to your business

Many companies just send standard, overly official-sounding confirmation emails thanking their customer for agreeing to receive emails from them. This doesn’t sound particularly inspiring or welcoming to the customer. Buying clothes and fashion items is about having fun, looking great and enjoying life – so why not communicate with your customers this way? Check out how TopShop communicates their excitement – in wording and graphics – about the fact that a new customer has decided to join their community. Also look at the nice idea of the contest with the opportunity to win a prize included in the message.
top shop

An even better idea is to give to your new subscribers something which makes them feel special and which encourages them to buy something at your store. £5 is not much but is a nice way to spark a customer purchase decision. Forever 21 is a good example of this technique. Note that the discount is valid only for 5 days after receiving the email which motivates customers to buy something right away.


Here is an example of how Nike designs their welcome emails. The opportunity they offer is free delivery after becoming a member of their community. Not having to pay for delivery is a good reason to shop.


Keep your customers informed and engaged

Ok, so let’s say you have already set up registration for the newsletter, you’ve planned and sent all those great emails with discounts for new customers and now what? Now you should think about what you want to be communicating in all the emails you will be sending to your customers. Most companies send information about sales, special deals, latest trends or contests organised for their customers. Below is an example of how Huckberry advertise their special deals in a newsletter.

Ideas for your company

You are the one who knows your customers best, so you also know what kind of communication, designs and deals your customers would like to receive. If you aren’t sure, try to test some of them and find out which ones meet the highest level of interest among your customers. If you are a small seller and not sure where to start, a good idea would be to find a company with a similar fashion style, sign up for their newsletter and see how they communicate with their customers. After some research you can go on to develop your own ideas on how to stay unique and be loved by your customers.

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