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Top selling items on eBay in 2021: what to sell online right now

Consider these two questions. First, have you ever thought about what you’re actually selling on eBay? Second, do your items belong to eBay’s top-selling products?

This post will help you contemplate on your answers. You’ll learn about the eBay best sellers in different product categories, including what sells best during times of pandemic and lockdowns.

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Top selling items on eBay during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s a fact: retail has been affected by the coronavirus spread. First, some industries are affected more than others. Second, consumers are shifting their spending habits. Third, sales of many products are up, e.g. groceries, face masks, household cleaning supplies, home furnishing.

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The top selling products on eBay during the coronavirus pandemic:
  • Masks & sanitisers
  • Puzzles
  • Strength Training
  • Webcams
  • Painting Equipment & Supplies
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Laptop Docking Stations and Power Adapters
  • Golf Training Aids
  • Wireless Routers and Mobile Hotspots
  • VR Headsets
  • Lego Building Toys.

It’s interesting to look at the coronavirus-related challenges that eBay has had to address in recent months. The platform has been trying to keep sellers and buyers on the safe side, e.g. when unscrupulous merchants inflate prices in order to make money out of human desperation for certain products.

As the majority of eBay sellers don’t attempt to exploit buyers, this only concerns a small number of sellers who try to profit from disasters. However, this phenomenon has a negative impact on both buyers’ pockets and also on the overall marketplace environment, including other sellers who continue to trade in an ethical way.

The bottom line: eBay has been working hard to clamp down on people profiteering from the coronavirus pandemic. Unscrupulous eBay sellers can expect their listings to be blocked or removed and their account suspended.

eBay best sellers in 2020 & 2021: top products & categories

eBay offers products in many categories and each category has its best selling items. A better understanding of what popular products are will help you increase your online sales.

What sold well on eBay in 2020 is a good indication of what to expect in 2021.

Mobile Phone & Accessories

Best sellers include mobiles and their accessories, e.g. silicone cases, tempered glass screen protectors, in-car iPhone holders, etc. The most popular brand is the iPhone and, as a result, accessories for iPhones are popular, too.

Video Games

Video games and video consoles are among eBay’s best selling products. Popular brands in this category are Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and also generic brands.

Health and Beauty

Best selling products on eBay in the Health & Beauty category are Vitamins & Dietary Supplements, Skincare products, perfume, hair straighteners and hair dryers.

Home and Garden

Home & garden products are very popular on eBay, especially in springtime (check out eBay best sellers in spring on international markets). Home furnishing items such as lighting, coffee tables, and sofas are among eBay’s best selling items. Popular garden items include barbecues, garden furniture and parasols.

Computers and Tablets

Computers, scanners, laptops, printers are the top selling items on eBay in this category. The most popular brands include Apple, Samsung, Ghia, Kocaso or Asus.


Fashion is the category most often searched by shoppers. With the change of the seasons, the fashion category is popular all year round.

The best selling brands of men’s clothing on eBay are The Territory Ahead, Ermenegildo Zegna, Filson, Carhartt and Schott. The popular brands for women are Eileen Fisher, FLAX, Free People, Dale of Norway or Diane Von Furstenberg.


The most popular categories in Crafts are Jewellery making beads, Stone beads and Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts.

Top selling items on eBay: Webretailer data

Webretailer has published interesting insights that help sellers discover which items are selling the most on eBay across 17 different categories. The data comes from the eBay data analytics tool ShelfTrend.

The analyzed categories mainly include mass-produced products that are sold new and at a fixed price. Categories where one-of-a-kind items are sold (e.g. Antiques & Collectibles) and media categories (e.g. Books & Music) have been excluded.

#1 eBay category: Baby

The most popular Baby product categories on eBay:

  • Feeding → Formula (top selling brands: Holle, HiPP)
  • Bathing & Grooming → Skin Care
  • Diapering → Baby Wipes.

#2 eBay category: Business & Industrial

The most popular Business & Industrial product categories on eBay:

  • Facility Maintenance & Safety → Mask Replacement Cartridges (top brands: 3M, Eco Solutions, Safe Life)
  • Material Handling → Other Envelopes & Mailers
  • Healthcare, Lab & Dental → Disposable Face Masks.

The popularity of Mask Replacement Cartridges and Disposable Face Masks is most likely driven by concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

#3 eBay category: Cameras & Photo

The most popular Cameras & Photo categories on eBay:

  • Digital Cameras (top brands: Canon, Nikon, Sony)
  • Camera, Drone & Photo Accessories → Batteries
  • Camcorders → Camcorders.

#4 eBay category: Cell Phones, Smart Watches & Accessories

The most popular Cell Phones, Smart Watches & Accessories categories on eBay:

  • Cell Phones & Smartphones (top brands: Apple, Samsung)
  • Cell Phone Accessories → Cases, Covers & Skins
  • Cell Phone Accessories → Headsets.

#5 eBay category: Computers, Tablets & Network Hardware

The most popular Computers, Tablets & Network Hardware categories on eBay:

  • Tablets & eBook Readers (top brands: Apple/iPad, Samsung/Android, Amazon/Kindle)
  • Laptops & Netbooks → PC Laptops & Netbooks
  • Printers, Scanners & Supplies → Ink Cartridges.

#6 eBay category: Crafts

The most popular Crafts categories on eBay:

  • Beads & Jewelry Making (top brands: Swarovski, most beads unbranded)
  • Loose Beads → Stone
  • Beads & Jewelry Making → Jewelry Making Cord & Wire.

#7 eBay category: Consumer Electronics

The most popular Electronics categories on eBay:

  • Portable Audio & Headphones → Headphones (top brands: Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose)
  • Portable Audio & Headphones → Audio Docks & Mini Speakers
  • TV, Video & Home Audio → Media Streamers.

#8 eBay category: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

The most popular Clothing, Shoes & Accessories categories on eBay:

  • Women → Hair Accessories
  • Men → T-Shirts
  • Men → Hats.

#9 eBay category: Health & Beauty

The most popular Health & Beauty categories on eBay:

  • Fragrances → Men’s Fragrances (top brands: Calvin Klein, Versace, Creed)
  • Skin Care → Anti-Aging Products
  • Hair Care & Styling → Hair Loss Treatments.

#10 eBay category: Home & Garden

The most popular Home & Garden categories on eBay:

  • Tools & Workshop Equipment → Power Tool Batteries (top brands: DeWalt, Milwaukee)
  • Kitchen, Dining & Bar → Water Filters
  • Home Improvement → Other Home Improvement.

#11 eBay category: Jewelry & Watches

The most popular Jewelry & Watches categories on eBay:

  • Fashion Jewelry → Necklaces & Pendants
  • Watches, Parts & Accessories → Wristwatch Bands
  • Watches, Parts & Accessories → Wristwatches.

#12 eBay category: Musical Instruments & Gear

The most popular Musical Instruments & Gear categories on eBay:

  • Pro Audio Equipment → Microphones & Wireless Systems (top brands: Shure, Pyle)
  • Guitars & Basses → Strings
  • Pro Audio Equipment → Cables, Snakes & Interconnects.

#13 eBay category: Pet Supplies

The most popular Pet Supplies categories on eBay:

  • Fish & Aquariums → Live Plants
  • Dog Supplies → Flea & Tick Remedies
  • Dog Supplies → Collars.

#14 eBay category: Sporting Goods

The most popular Sporting Goods categories on eBay:

  • Fitness, Running & Yoga → Activity Trackers (top brands: Fitbit, Magictek)
  • Golf → Golf Clubs
  • Hunting → Magazines.

#15 eBay category: Toys & Hobbies

The most popular Toys & Hobbies categories on eBay:

  • TV & Movie Character Toys (top brands: Mattel, Zuru)
  • Action Figures → TV, Movie & Video Games
  • Building Toys → Building Toys Minifigures.

#16 eBay category: Travel

The most popular Travel categories on eBay were:

  • Luggage (top brands: Samsonite, American Tourister)
  • Travel Accessories → Passport & ID Holders
  • Travel Accessories → Travel Pillows.

#17 eBay category: Video Games & Consoles

The most popular Video Games & Consoles categories on eBay:

  • Video Games (top brands: Sony, Nintendo)
  • Video Games Accessories → Controllers & Attachments
  • Video Game Consoles.

Comparison of top-selling eBay categories

The summary below presents the data for the top 100 listings in each subcategory, including average sales per listing and price range.

ebay top selling categories hires scaled


The eBay categories discussed in this article are a good starting point for reevaluating your product portfolio. All the same, you’ll probably want to dig in further and do some more research.

A good understanding of eBay best sellers will help you identify sales opportunities you may have not identified before.

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