[Free webinar] Maximize 2024 growth with eBay Advertising

Are you a marketplace seller frustrated with stagnant sales?

We have just the right advertising tips and strategies to elevate your sales performance on eBay.

You can now watch the recording of our exclusive webinar:

Unlock the Power of eBay Advertising

Each new year comes with new opportunities to grow your online sales.

Whether you’re an experienced eBay seller or starting out, eBay Advertising can be your secret weapon for dominating the marketplace.

But navigating the world of advertising can be daunting. This is why having access to expert advice is crucial.

Your ticket to eBay Advertising success

Imagine reaching targeted audiences with laser precision, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time. Imagine optimizing your campaigns for maximum impact, leveraging data-driven insights to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your budget. Imagine expanding your brand’s reach beyond borders, tapping into international markets, and multiplying your sales potential.

Here’s what you can look forward to if you decide to watch our webinar recording:

  • Gain Insights: Introduction to eBay Ads & Webinterpret
  • Learn Best Practices: Tips for success with eBay Ads & Webinterpret
  • Data-Driven Results: Promoted Listings Advanced performance metrics from Webinterpret
  • Explore Trends: 2023 holiday trends from eBay Ads
  • Sneek Peak: Offsite Ads BETA preview from eBay Ads

Conquer eBay with expert tactics

Always learn best practices, gain data-driven results, and discover upcoming trends for success from industry experts. Unlock the potential for exponential growth in 2024 with eBay Advertising and Webinterpret:

About webinar hosts

Alex Kumar
Senior Global Partner Development Manager at eBay Ads

Alex, an experienced Partnerships Lead, drives impactful business transformation for top brands and sellers. He manages global partnerships at eBay Ads, focusing on partner management, strategy, and advertising revenue across North America. With a background in Channel Partnerships & Business Development at Walmart, he joined eBay Ads as the North American Partner Manager in 2022.

Bronwen Hunter
Marketing Specialist at Webinterpret

Bronwen, a Marketing Specialist at Webinterpret, specializes in building product-related content that enables sellers to achieve their best results with Webinterpret’s core services. Bronwen comes from a strong background in account management, and has 6 years of experience working in the ecommerce industry (previously Shopify).

WI TALKS recording: Maximize Your 2024 Growth with eBay Advertising and Webinterpret

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