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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to start showing your customers how much you care about them. Curious to find out how?

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  • Explore the power of customer experience in driving sales.
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  • Understand the importance of cultural differences in cross-border customer experience.

love at first click ecommerce ebook

Online customer appreciation: The heart of your business

They say: All you need is love!

But how to translate it into the ecommerce language?

It means providing truly unforgettable customer experiences. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

According to Walker’s study,

Customer experience (CX) has already overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Providing a seamless online customer experience allows you to thrive on marketplaces and sets you up for long-term success.


By increasing sales in the short term and fostering brand loyalty in the long term.

Jus take a look at those stats:

  • Over 90% of unhappy customers don’t complain, but simply leave.
  • Almost 70% of customers switch brands due to poor service.

Satisfied customers can drive your business. Thus, you must improve their experience with you and measure it on your way to excellence.

Are you looking for ideas and strategies to improve your customers’ online experience? Want to learn how to build strong, long-term relationships with your customers?

Download our FREE “Love at First Click” ebook and discover 30 ideas to improve customer experience at your online store.

A match made in heaven: Customer experience vs. user experience

Providing great customer experience is equally important as offering thoughtful customer service. However:

Customer experience (CX) isn’t the same as user experience (UX).

UX is the customer/user’s experience with a specific product, website, the design of the interface, app, software, etc.

CX has a greater scope and includes all channels and products within the same brand. It has to do with how the user feels about them. CX represents every step of the customer journey from users checking prices, through using the product, to contacting customer service.

Keep your existing customers happy in a strategic way

Ensuring perfect customer experience tends to be challenging from an organizational point of view. However, it’s worth the effort.

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to existing customers (60-70%) is much higher compared to new ones (5-20%).

Retaining customers will cost you less than acquiring new ones.

So, always improve customers’ experience and measure it in a strategic way.

  • Select the right business/CX metrics for analysis.
  • Choose your end goal, e.g. improve customer retention.
  • Determine how you will measure your goal, e.g. churn rate.
  • Define targets in quantifiable terms, e.g. churn rate < 10%
  • Keep key business KPIs in mind, e.g. revenue or number of repeat customers.

Conclusion: Make your customers fall in love with shopping

Many adjectives describe love just as well as they describe perfect customer experience. Devoted, true, endless, passionate… customer care equals a blissful customer experience!

The challenge is to provide first-rate service all year long and to optimize your resources while doing so. To treat your clients like your Valentines every day.

Take time to listen to your customers’ needs and include their feedback in the improvements you roll out to your online store. It might set you apart from other sellers! After all:

Customer experience is an integral part of a brand expansion strategy.

The long-term goal is to make it a key part of its identity – even if it takes you some time!

Improved customer experience means improved customer satisfaction and retention plus increased cross-and upselling. All this works to your ROI’s advantage.

Be hopeful, even if you need to make changes; after all, relationships evolve. Think of them as an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately – sales.


Discover 30 ideas to improve customer experience at your online store.


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