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Webinterpret uses an AI based, natural language processing solution and autonomous machine-learning to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation.

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What makes our translation different

It’s automated and integrated! Our ecommerce translation plugs straight into your existing store or marketplace account.

Super fast


Because we’re not limited by human-capacity we’re able to process enormous translation volumes with an unbeatable turnaround. We use a statistical machine translation engine, which is specifically trained for ecommerce products, categories and attributes.



Combining natural language processing and machine learning we’re able deliver human-quality translation. Using ecommerce and category optimized libraries we can deliver consistent and standardised translations.

Category mapping

We translate and map your product categories to the international equivalents to ensure your products index correctly.


Our automated process enables us to offer our translation services for FREE as part of one of our free or paid plans.

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Why not translate using real people?

Human translation is slow and expensive.

Human translation typically costs around $0.10 a word. An average product consists of around 100 words.

This means if you have 1000 products, and you want to translate into 4 languages, it will cost you around $40k, and for many retailers, this is a cost they need to incur every season!!


Intergation & speed

For merchants it’s essential that any translation solution is integrated and on-demand so that new products and product updates are translated automatically.

This type of tight integration is complex and expensive. Without an automated solution, it’s very difficult to keep up with frequent catalog updates.
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Human translation


Ecommerce optimized machine translation

Ecommerce optimized machine translation is a great and affordable alternative to human translation. It differs from standard machine translation by virtue of the fact it is built and trained specifically for ecommerce products. It understands the notion of products, categories, attributes and context in a way that standard machine translation cannot.

At Webinterpret we translate over 100,000 products every week and with every new translation our system becomes better at translating and better at optimizing your products. Our solution is also perfectly integrated with the top Ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce. eBay and Amazon marketplace sellers can also link up their account directly to translate and post their listing in different countries.

To understand our system and how we’re able to deliver such high quality ecommerce translations in more detail, take a look our process below.
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transparent Our process, step by step trs 01 blank Domestic product Using a plugin we connect to your domestic store or marketplace account.

Via API we then extract your product categories, titles, descriptions and attributes.
Navy Blue Beanie Grotesque Dickstrick royal
$ 18,95

transparent 02

Deep analysis & context

We analyse your product data to establish context.

Context enables our natural language processing to understand your products in a way that standard machine translation cannot.

For example; we’ll translate ‘face mask’ very differently depending on whether it sits in sports accessories or health and beauty.
trs 02 blank Gnarly face mask
Tat Charcoal
$ 35,95
Organique tea ritual
face mask
$ 19,78
face mask Category:  Sport   Accessories Category:  Health&Beauty   Face
arrow 3

transparent 03

Attribute extraction and structured content

In order to deliver the most accurate translations we summarise all product descriptions, extract all attributes and store product descriptions as structured content.

Structured content gives us a standardised description that is optimized for search engines, translates accurately and is simple to syndicate.
trs 03 blank Category:&nbsp Sport   Snowboards   Snowboards men Description: This great board with traditional camber and sintered ultra base made of biaxial fiberglass is a total must-have for this season. Read more Signal Siren
Maiden 2017
$ 399,95
Choose your size Add to cart trs 03b blank Base:
Base Glass:
Top Glass:
Camber Type:
Core Material:
Sintered Ultra Base
Biaxial Fiberglass
Urethane wrap with no tip-fills
Triaxial Fiberglass
Traditional Camber
arrow 1


Have we translated this word, attribute or title before?

arrow 3

transparent 04

Translation memory

We’ve translated over half a billion products.

If we’ve translated the same word, attribute, or title before, we simply access the verified translation from our translation memory and use that.

Translation specialist

When a word, attribute or title doesn’t exist in our translation memory, we machine translate it and then verify it with one of our translation specialists.

This translation is then stored in our translation memory.
trs 05 blank Ashbury Kaleidoscope Goggle Jed Anderson 2014 $ 89,95 trs 04 blank trs 07 yes blank yes blank question Description: Double anti-fog, anti-scratch protection OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles
$ 24,95
Description: Double anti-fog, anti-scratch protection Double anti-fog, anti-scratch protection Doppelter Anti-Fog, Anti-Kratzschutz Double antibrouillard, anti-rayures
New translation added to
Translation Memory
uk product bg fr flag payment 1 check de product reg YES NO

transparent We deliver a human-quality translated version of your domestic product.

International product

05 trs 06 blank INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT Bonnet bleu marine Grotesque Dickstrick royal
€ 16,50


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