Webinterpret history

Webinterpret turned the global marketplace on its head by breaking down the barriers to international retail for e-merchants. Through its unique internationalisation platform, the company enables domestic online traders to become international online traders in just a few clicks. This is how it all started:


2007 - 2010
Build core technology

To facilitate international trade, Patrick Smarzynski and Benjamin Cohen launch the core technology of Webinterpret.

2010 - 2011
Product fit for market

Webinterpret as an automated localization solution is successful. Its founders adapt core technology to e-commerce. Team begins working on eBay extension

2011 - 2012
eBay extension released

Release of eBay extension opens Webinterpret to new possibilities. The company is set to become the authority in cross-border trade.

2012 - 2013
Amazon extension released

Release of Amazon extension assures Webinterpret’s position as the world leader of international e-commerce trade.

2013 - 2015
Online stores extension released

Webinterpret buys Ekos Global Solutions and launched its new Webstores extension. Multiple online store platforms supported from the onset.

Future plans
Opening worldwide ecommerce

Webinterpret looks to become a comprehensive cross-border trade solution by making global commerce accessible on additional e-commerce platforms.

Our partners

Webinterpret has partnerships with the leading companies in the e-commerce arena.

Interested in partnering with Webinterpret or joining our affiliate programme? Get in touch with us.
For a personal introduction please contact one of our account managers by using the email support@webinterpret.com

Who we are

Webinterpret was created in 2007 by Benjamin Cohen and Patrick Smarzynski, both IT and Industrial Engineers who met at the EM Lyon Business School in a masters programme specialised in entrepreneurship. From the very beginning their main goal was to create a company that makes international ecommerce accessible to all sellers.

Now Webinterpret has offices in France, Poland, Spain, Canada and China, employs around 210 skilled ecommerce specialists with local market knowledge (and we are still growing).



Our core values

At Webinterpret we are on an important mission: to make worldwide ecommerce accessible to all businesses.
It is more than just a mission, it is a call to action that inspires everything we do. Our core values are:



Webinterpret believed that innovation is essential to changing the world. We challenge the status quo of ecommerce by constantly thinking out of the box.

Passion for what we do

Passion for what we do

We feel that the key to delivering a great customer experience is to enjoy and believe in what we do. This passion comes from the thousands of sellers currently benefitting from our products.

Superior customer service

Superior customer service

The world of ecommerce demands fast and effective support. Our experienced team is in a class of its own, always ready to offer coaching and support.

people and teams

People and Teams

Our international team understands the requirements of each supported marketplace. The wealth of our cross-border knowledge  comes from all corners of the world.

Over 210 skilled people are
working for our customers’
success every day