WooCommerce installation guide

WooCommerce plugin
Step 1.
Download the latest version of our plugin.
Step 2.
Login into your Wordpress admin panel. You can access it by visiting the wp-admin/ subdirectory of your website. (www.yourstore.com/wp-admin/)
Step 3.
Once you have logged in, go to the plugins tab
Step 4.
Click on “Add New”
Step 5.
Click on “Upload Plugin”
Step 6.
Select the file that you’ve just downloaded. It will be (or a variable of) woocommerce-webinterpret...zip. and upload it.
Step 7.
Once the upload has completed you will see a message “plugin installed successfully”, now click on “activate plugin”
Step 8.
On the left, your navigation bar will show a tab called “Webinterpret”. Once You’ve clicked this tab, you will be prompted to create an account. Specific data will be automatically completed, however you will need to be input some basic data yourself. Once you’ve completed all the fields, click on sign-up.
Step 9.
The installation and registration have now been completed.

Now relax and let us do the magic. Your stores will go live within just a few business days.