Ecommerce localization

Localizing an online store goes far beyond simple translation. It involves converting currencies, sizes, payment methods, shipping and much more.

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What is ecommerce localization?

The objective of ecommerce localization is to give international buyers an online shopping experience that is indistinguishable from their normal native experience. This enables retailers to boost their international sales and to compete on a level playing field with local competitors. translation blank Translation /trɑːnzˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ /noun
is the simple changing of words and phrases from one language to another. It does not take into account the cultural differences between the people of the countries of the source and target markets.
localization blank 1 Localization /ləʊk(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ /noun
is an adaptation of an online store to a new language and culture. A fully localized should be indistinguishable from online store originating from that culture.
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Hassle-free localization with Webinterpret

Webinterpret’s AI-based solution helps you optimize your localization processes and costs, ensuring the best return-on-investment for your online business.

We take care of all translation, price and size conversion, legals and even international shipping for those running online stores.

In short, we take care of your international sales and you can focus on the development of your business.
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Our process step-by-step

A full localized experience involves much more than finding the best matching words in a different language and posting a product listing.

Ecommerce translation

Size conversion

We use an AI-based solution and autonomous machine-learning to deliver affordable, automated human-quality translation.
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We automatically convert all your product sizes on a merchant, brand and range level. We have 30,000 preconfigured conversion charts which can be added to and amended as required. This will increase your buyer conversion, but also, critically, will reduce your international returns.

Local marketing & SEO

Currency conversion

Thanks to ecommerce localization, we enable international search engines to index your content to improve your organic international traffic. We also enable you to leverage services, such as Google Shopping and Facebook ads internationally. We automatically convert your item prices based on current exchange rates (you can also set specific pricing on a country or item level).


We conduct big data analysis to see which keywords make sales and we localize your listings accordingly. We use keywords that buyers actually use, browsing for an item to make your product easily found on foreign markets.

International payment

We provide you with a fully localized, secure and hosted international checkout process that enables you to accept payment in 25 currencies.

Shipping optimization

Through our Parcel Forwarding service, we enable you to offer your international buyers the very best international shipping rates. We take care of all customs documentation and international shipping. Learn more about international shipping

Taking care of restrictions

We comply with international marketplace restrictions and automatically block any items that maybe prohibited in a specific market in order to avoid policy violations.

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Why not localize by yourself?

In theory you can localize yourself, but in practice it comes down to a question of capacity and return on investment. Managing even a modest inventory across multiple markets and channels becomes unsustainable almost immediately.

Using an automated AI based solution is really the only realistic, sustainable and scalable approach to localization.


Maximize your international sales

Many retailers already receive around 20% - 30% of their traffic from international sources. What they often find, however, is that this traffic converts at a much lower conversion rate than their domestic traffic, even in markets that share the same language. The reason for this is that many of the components of localization, beyond translation alone, have not been optimized.

transparent "Localization, in terms of currency and language options, allowed us to access many more customers than before." Joe Watts, rockjaw logo rockjaw commas 2 commas 1


Our localization service is also...

Whether we're localizing for a marketplace or online store, each platform has its own content structure and eligibility rules. Platform/channel specific Fully automated Through leveraging the latest artificial intelligence techniques we're able to provide a fully automated solution. Merchants, especially larger ones, may sell their own brands, have specific brand names and industry vernacular. Merchant specific


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