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UK, Germany & France: top ecommerce markets in Europe

Europe is a marketplace with big sales potential for many American online merchants. Europeans treat the USA as a special online shopping destination and are keen on American brands.

There are around 50 countries in Europe, which equals a big and diverse ecommerce buyer base. The top European ecommerce markets (the UK, Germany and France) are already good sources of extra buyers for international online sellers.

We’ve collected essential ecommerce-related stats & data for the top European marketplaces: the UK, Germany & France. Check out our infographic!

Europe is a hot spot for U.S. ecommerce sellers

In Western Europe there has been a steady growth in online retail sales from 2012 to 2017, 12% on average. In contrast, the U.S. ecommerce market has experienced a decline in growth in the last 5 years, from 14.8% in 2013 to 12.8% in early 2017.

The top European marketplaces have high and diverse purchasing power as well as high Internet penetration. They’re attractive ecommerce spots for American online sellers.

According to Frank Schirrmeister, CEO at Arvato SCM Solutions:

Europe is one of the largest and most dynamic ecommerce markets in the world. U.S. brands, therefore, need to actively improve their reputations in Europe.”

Ecommerce in the UK, Germany and France

Among the top European ecommerce marketplaces are the UK, Germany and France.

The great news: the USA belongs to the top countries British, German and French buyers purchase from.

The UK marketplace has huge buying power, excellent digital infrastructure and is the hub of internet shoppers. If you want to convince shoppers to click the buy now button, your chances of success are quite high with the British.

The UK is likely to be your springboard and gateway to Europe. It can also be a convenient solution when you begin selling in Europe as there’s no major language barrier for American sellers.

The German marketplace is strategically located in the heart of Europe and is one of the leading European markets for ecommerce and cross-border trade. It is one of the most important markets for U.S. brands.

German is spoken by 95% of the local population. Many Austrian and Swiss shoppers are eager to buy from Germany, too, which is due to linguistic similarities and geographical proximity. Thus, establishing your online presence in Germany can also give you access to other German-speaking ecommerce markets, e.g. Austria and Switzerland.

The French marketplace is the 3rd largest ecommerce market in the EU and 6th in the world. It has high internet penetration, a large and diverse consumer base, growing mobile services and a modern delivery structure.

The French language is one of the languages which is spoken all over the world. This gives you an opportunity to access a big number of online buyers that are located in many countries beyond France and continents beyond Europe.

Check out the infographic below for all essential information about the top European ecommerce markets!

global ecommerce uk germany france infographic

Expand your online store on European markets

With today’s technology, it can take just a few clicks to launch your online store in Europe. A cross-border trade partner can help you minimize shipping costs and maximize your international sales potential.

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