Selling with Webinterpret allows you to pay less final value fees on ebay

There is a nice little loophole in eBay’s fee structure that Webinterpret clients are taking advantage of. When you list on eBay sites other than and, you don’t accrue final value fees (FVF) on postage. That’s right. ZERO FVF fees on postage. Two eBay sites still accrue FVF on postage – and – but for all other eBay sites, that’s more money in your pocket on every item shipped.

The only way to take advantage of this loophole is to list your items directly on international eBay sites. Chris Dawson at Tamebay goes into more detail here

This won’t last forever. As with all loopholes, it’s just a matter of time until it’s tied up. Call your Webinterpret Account Executive to take full advantage of this opportunity by scaling your account, listing more of your inventory on international sites, and saving money on final value fees.

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