Retailer of the month (March): Ergonomic Designs has expanded its sales globally thanks to Webinterpret

Webinterpret’s featured retailer this month is Ergonomic Designs.
Read where Gavin Hunter discusses how Webinterpret has helped the company boost its’ international sales whilst sticking to a tight investment budget!


  • Tell us more about Ergonomic Designs

“We sell thermostatic showers, we also offer an extensive range of bath shower sets, massage sets, shower heads, shower arms, side showers, bathroom radiators and underfloor heating.
We started selling on the Internet in 2005, since then we have sold our products through multiple online channels as we didn’t want to miss any opportunity.”


  • Why did you need to use Webinterpret?

“Basically Webinterpret was the only company we found that could offer such an end to end, automatic, solution.
We wanted to list our items abroad, as we knew that was the best way to significantly increase our foreign sales, but we faced a number of obstacles:

  • We needed to go on the french, german, italian and other foreign eBay sites, but we couldn’t speak any of these languages!
  • and even if we could speak 10 languages, listing our items all over the world would have been very time consuming

We were really happy when we found out that by using Webinterprets we could list our items abroad in numerous countries and languages, in just a few clicks!

Soon we discovered that Webinterpret’s usefulness didn’t stop there. In fact they deal with the entire selling processing from stock management to even setting up eBay shops abroad so you don’t have to deal with anything.
For instance, the prices of our items abroad instantaneously change when currencies vary, and our stock levels are updated in real time worldwide!

We manage our foreign sales in exactly the same way as we do with our UK buyers!”


  • What success have you experienced since partnering with Webinterpret?

“Since using Webinterpret, we have definitely increased our sales abroad, and realized that using only English in our listings was limiting our addressable market: Most of the sales we made abroad before were to English buyers living abroad! Now we are selling our items to a lot of German buyers for instance!”

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