Serendipidy Aromatics generates 50% of abroad sales through Webinterpret

Webinterpret’s featured retailer this month is Serendipidy Aromatics.
Read Ginny, Serendipidy Aromatics‘ Managing Director, discusses how Webinterpret has helped the company boost its’ international sales whilst sticking to a tight investment budget!


  • Tell us more about yourself, how did you started selling on eBay?

“I started selling Massage Oils/ Creams, Incense, Aromatherapy, and other small gifts in street markets, offline. Then in 2004, I started selling on eBay.
Before 2004, I used to spend 5 days a week on a market stall.
Now, online sales are becoming so important that I only spend one day per week at the markets.”


  • At what rate are your online sales currently growing?

“Quite a good one actually: I have been doubling my sales every year.
Since 2010, Webinterpret has helped me significantly in achieving this level of growth.”


  • Why did you need to use Webinterpret?

“For a long time, I wanted to take advantage of the International Market, in particular, the other eBay sites.
However, I had neither the time to work on it, nor the desired to take on additional staff.
Listing your items abroad is not a simple process, there are many things you have to consider such as:
translate your listings,
adjust the shipping costs,
convert prices into the local currencies,
and of course, managing your stock across all the different sites.
But all this is done automatically by Webinterpret!
It was the solution I needed to go global with my sales: I only needed to invest a few minutes of my time and I didn’t have to hire anyone to help me!”


  • Are there any other features you have found particularly useful on the Webinterpret solution?

“Yes, the ability to open multiple foreign eBay shops easily so that I can get the same ebay fee discounts as I get in the UK has made a big difference!”


  • What success have you experienced since partnering with Webinterpret?

“Well, before using Webinterpret, International sales accounted for 10 to 15% of my total revenue.
But since using Webinterpret, my international sales have risen dramatically and now account for around 50% of my total revenue!
So you can understand why I am so happy about using Webinterpret.”

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