Retailer of the month (April): YuniParts has doubled its sales thanks to Webinterpret


AndrewMason2Webinterpret’s featured retailer this month is YuniParts. Read where Andrew Mason discusses how Webinterpret has helped his company boost its’ sales whilst sticking to a tight investment budget!



“In 2006, I tried to find parts for a Yamaha motorcycle over the Internet, and I couldn’t find what I was looking for.
I realized that the availability of Yamaha parts for bikes up to 20 years old on the Internet, including eBay, was very poor.
So I decided to start a business manufacturing small parts for Yamaha motorcycles from 1969 to 1989, and to sell those parts over the Internet.”


Hand crafted and assembled diarama –
workshop scene of a 1969 unit construction TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE


  • Why did you need to use Webinterpret?

“Since 2006, the business had grown regularly, but I still faced an inherent problem of the business.
Manufacturing a motorcycle part is quite an expensive investment, and you need to sell a substantial number of units in order to make a profit.

By being limited to the UK market, I needed to wait a long time to reach profitability on a specific part, and therefore I couldn’t manufacture as many parts as I wished.
Therefore, I had been looking to expand abroad and open eBay shops on the foreign eBay sites.
I had tried to open an eBay shop in USA a while ago, and to ‘duplicate’ all my listings into this new shop but I soon gave up as the process was far too time consuming to create and to manage on a daily basis.

When I first heard about Webinterpret, I jumped into the trial version, and then into the Premium Edition.
I was really excited about the possibility of setting up shops abroad easily, with localized listings, all of this managed mostly automatically, as if we (the sellers) were dealing only with our UK shop.”


  • What success have you experienced since partnering with Webinterpret?

“Webinterpret has dramatically modified the fundamentals of our business:
We have doubled our sales since using Webinterpret!

As we have extended our sales globally, we have achieve profitability must faster and we are able to manufacture far more parts than ever before!

Webinterpret has helped us find the solution to the inherent problem of our business”

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