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Online sales success on Amazon: a quick guide

Amazon is one of the largest and most successful online sales platforms.  It presents numerous opportunities from the buyer’s perspective, but also from the seller’s.

Here’s a quick recap of what contributes to your online sales success on Amazon.

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What determines your online sales success on Amazon?

Selecting the right products and competitive prices belong to the set of decisive factors. If you’re offering attractive products at competitive prices, your sold items will move up in the Amazon statistics ranking and will be higher up in the search results.

You could try the following strategy. First, you offer products at low prices to attract as many buyers as possible. Second, ensure that your customers give your products, your store and your delivery good reviews. Then you plan for the long term.

Are a good and convincing rating profile and a low margin permanently beneficial for you and your store? No, but if your product’s sales history and its position in the search results have risen, you can also increase the price.

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Factors which contribute to online sales success on Amazon

To grow your sales on Amazon, consider the following factors.

A good rating profile

Negative buyer ratings will cause potential customers to avoid your products and turn to more expensive but more reliable providers. Thus, offer top-quality products and deliver on time.

Try to respond to any request within 24 hours. Even neutral feedback can have a negative impact on your profile. For this reason, it is very important that on Amazon your customers are 100% satisfied.

Product information quality

Your listings should include comprehensive product information, i.e. product title, high-quality product images and descriptions and accurate information about the brand. Of course all products must be positioned in the right category and the use of keywords is crucial.

Reasonable pricing

Offer your customers bargains, but always make sure that your prices are not too low compared to other prices. An aggressive cut-price policy can be psychologically damaging to your business.

In other words, the customer may become suspicious. Extremely low prices can lead to doubts about the product quality.

Timely delivery

Dissatisfied customers who have to wait a long time for delivery tend to give very poor reviews. Buyers are accustomed to having goods ordered on Amazon delivered quickly compared to eBay.

Therefore, you should ship your items within 24 hours after confirming delivery. This is particularly important when products have to be sent abroad. Thus, ensure that your ecommerce shipping strategy actually helps you grow your sales.

Customers must be able to find your products

The visibility of your products on Amazon search pages is another key criterion for success. Above all, learn what your potential buyers are looking for and use the right keywords.

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Online sales success on Amazon: good feedback

Not the only one, of course, but crucial in many cases.

For this reason, make sure that the number of positive reviews after completion of the purchase presents your store in the best possible light.

Basically, a seller who offers reliable delivery will always be preferred. In order to be successful as an Amazon seller, you need good product visibility and attractive prices.

Additionally, these days, due to high competition, good Amazon Advertising strategy is necessary for many product categories.

International sales opportunities on Amazon

To reach even more customers, consider the opportunity of listing your products on different European or global markets. This way, you can benefit from the enormous reach.

Furthermore, when, over time, your marketing campaigns reach a plateau in a given market, increasing your efforts further can decrease your overall profitability. In such cases, consider less competitive markets.

On Amazon you can sell on markets with less competition and more sales potential. These are often foreign markets where local online sellers aren’t able to offer specific products or meet the local demand.

For example, in Italy many products have to be imported from abroad, e.g. vehicle parts for cars or clothes from foreign brands.

The possibility of satisfying the unmet demand for unique products from overseas is one of the biggest worldwide opportunities for ecommerce sellers.

On international markets, sellers can achieve additional visibility to international buyers and benefit from the low competition on these markets. This can be a huge opportunity for Amazon sellers who want to stand out from their competitors.

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