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Yet another holiday is approaching and again it’s time to celebrate! This time in the spirit of shamrock and Guinness, but hopefully not only to commemorate St Patrick, but also to say cheers to great sales figures!

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On St Patrick’s Day celebrate your online sales figures

On 17th March a lot of folks go a tad bit Irish. In fact, over 80 million people worldwide claim ancestral connection to Ireland, aka the Emerald Isle. St Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated on the Emerald Isle, but in many parts of the world. For instance, roughly 40% of Americans go green mid-March, spending over USD 4.14 billion around this time.



Source: Blogs.Haverford

These are interesting stats, but also quite useful for your online business.

80 million is quite a large number you can market your offers to, using green and Ireland-related elements.

It’s not to be missed that sales soar in March and …. not only the sales of Guinness! Granted that millions of pints are consumed on St Patrick’s Day & Night. Yet, before the time to celebrate arrives, millions of people will buy outfits and gadgets to share in the festive spirit. It goes without saying that the colour green, clovers, rainbows and leprechauns will make this day! 

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St Patrick’s Day and its economic contribution

St. Patrick’s Day is not only about the festive spirit, but it also makes for a significant economic contribution. In 2017 it fell on a Friday so you can imagine how the celebrating and St Patrick’s-related spending carried on over the weekend.

What’s the economic impact of St Patrick’s Day? Well, a great, great deal of money is spent on beer / Guinness, cabs, and green stuff. But there’s more than that.

Interestingly, St. Patrick’s Day is bigger in America than it is in any other place in the world, including Ireland. The Census stats also show that Irish-Americans are better-educated than the average person in America.


As income tends to rise with education, guess what? The better-educated Irish-Americans have more money to spend. We’re actually talking billions here!

In March, people will want to be wearing green and accessories. Many will be making special dinners. Or heading to restaurants to have special dinners. Many will be decorating their homes and offices Irish-style. Many will be eating candy.

So you know well what to sell and how to grow your sales in March! What’s more, the Irish are spread across the world so the international sales potential is definitely there.


Holidays are important for your online business and sales figures

Holidays and events are a great way to humanise your online business. You may believe it’s all about transactions and the finalised check-out process, but big players know the importance of going beyond numbers. Think about how Apple has succeeded in humanising technology and is now on the verge of becoming a trillion-dollar company.

Hence, make your business stand out from the crowd and show the human side of your online shop. Turn work into play at times. Of course, for St Patrick’s Day you don’t have to start selling or playing bagpipes to present a recording to your (potential) buyers… But why not recognise this holiday and offer something to your audience.

If you do it wisely, your audience will love you. You will be more than a finalised transaction. You will be a brand name.


Prepare your online shop for St Patrick’s Day

So how to give your store more of a St Patrick’s touch around 17th March? There are a number of tricks and ways you can prepare for this holiday.

  • Use the colour green to promote your sale. But don’t exaggerate: if your website looks like a huge meadow, it may look funny and not reflect your brand image and values.
  • Use the holiday spirit to run some extra sales. For example, weekend sales. You can extend your sales time and start offering products and (party) gadgets well in advance.
  • Offer your lucky deal. St Patrick’s Day is associated with luck so make buyers connect your brand with this feeling. If they see a positive association with your brand, you are already on the way to better conversion rates.
  • Since 7 is the lucky number, why not use this digit for your offers, for instance offer 7 products for GBP 77.
  • Create urgency and encourage potential buyers to make a purchase NOW. You can also reward those early birds who buy your offer first, offering 7% extra discount.
  • Be creative. There is a wide variety of products you can advertise around 17th March: anything Ireland- and Guinness-related, t-shirts, hats or Shamrock-shaped gadgets.
  • Use the concept of luck to lure buyers into buying your articles. Your message could be: Share this offer with your luckiest friend! or You’re in luck, you’ve won an extra gift from us!

Win new buyers with your content

Make your content shareable. St Patrick’s is a perfect day to share interesting and fun facts. Some of them may a bit less related to your product, but with a huge viral potential, for instance a video How not to get drunk on St Patrick’s Day. You can use entertaining posts, articles, videos and gif’s that can subtly refer the visitor to your product or website.

How to put it into practice? For instance, if you sell kitchen utensils, you can post articles or videos on how to make traditional Irish meals. You can give your visitors recipes and suggest they use your products. Be careful, however, not to turn it into aggressive advertising.


Fun facts!

Finally, since it’s not only about numbers, figures and pure facts, let’s serve you some fun facts about St Patrick:

  • St Patrick did not come from Ireland. As a matter of fact, he was Welsh.
  • Legend has it, St Patrick used the green clover to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.
  • St Patrick’s was enslaved at the age of 14.
  • The first St Patrick’s parade was organised in 1766 in New York.

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In a nutshell….

Holiday seasons are a good way to maximise your online sales and bring in more revenue than during the rest of the year.

If you give your online business a human face and customise it according to the holiday in question, you can expect satisfactory conversion rates.

St Patrick’s Day is one such opportunity. Since you can expect a shopping frenzy in March, make sure you’re one of the key players. By making your website more festive and by running a few extra deals, you can easily attract new shoppers.


Show your audience that you care about what and how they celebrate and they will associate your brand with positive emotions.

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may your trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
Happy St Patrick’s Day
from Webinterpret!


March is a good month for online sellers. Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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