What, why and how to sell internationally on marketplaces

The ability to make your product visible internationally is a true blessing in the world of ecommerce. Just think about the masses of world buyers you can reach. Selling internationally, however, should be a well thought out process. Marketplaces, processes and online buyers are not uniform around the globe.

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Internationalisation is essential for online sales success

Ecommerce is said to be growing 250% faster than traditional retail. This means a world of opportunities for both online buyers and sellers. Today almost everything and almost everywhere can be bought and sold. Cross Border Trade is in full swing.

According to Oban Digital, 67% of CEOs believe that internationalisation is a key part of their business growth strategy. 20% of business leaders claim that their online communication is adapted to foreign local languages and cultures.

The key drivers of Cross-Border Trade

Cross-Border Trade is driven by a number of factors:

  • Digital revolution & m-commerce: social media and mobile devices have a big impact on the way people communicate, access information and buy online.
  • Non-stop communication & availability: the consumer is available online anytime and anyplace in the era of social media.
  • Global shipping: flexible shipping options, free shipping and fulfillment services are driving cross border online transactions.
  • Payment: the practicality of online money transfers and more trust in electronic means of payment fuels readiness to shop in all parts of the world.
  • Rich consumer data: thanks to online shopping experience and technology, sellers can collect a great deal of valuable data on global consumers and their buying habits.

It is reasonable to consider growing your online business on a global scale. However, make informed decisions. Learn the nuts and bolts of running an online shop on international markets.

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What, why and how to sell internationally? Download our FREE guidebook!

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