How Webinterpret helps you comply with new return policies on eBay

eBay launched standardised return policy about which you can read here. Webinterpret allows you to be compliant with those eBay’s standards – firstly on and now on ALL the platforms. For each market separately you can specify the returns period, who pays for return postage costs and other details.

Having this set up you can benefit from better sales and give your customers better experience!

  • Enjoy more sales – thanks to higher levels of trust you can experience performance uplift.

  • Attract new buyers and build up loyal customers as comScore Experience study proves – 63% of online shoppers check a seller’s returns policy before even considering to purchase. 43% of buyers would purchase from you and recommend you to their friends if you offer a feasible returns policy.

  • Provide excellent customer service.  Buyers perceive the quality of your customer service largely based on your returns policy.

Contact your Account Executive to specify if and on what conditions you accept the returns!

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