How seasonality affects Home & Garden and Automotive sales

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Seasonality matters for online sellers

Seasonality may be overlooked by many online sellers. However, there are a number of events and circumstances driving sales figures throughout the whole year. The awareness of different seasonality trends can help you make informed decisions and meet buyer expectations depending on the season. Stay aware & stay tuned!

In this article we will you serve some facts on Home & Garden and Automotive and how they were affected by Easter celebrated in March.

Seasonal business opportunities: Home & Garden

We have dug into some data related to Home & Garden. It turns out that the negative impact of seasonality on the GMV from this category in April is the strongest of all 12 months. A large part of this effect was moved into Q1.

The culprit was Easter, which was celebrated in March this year. Interestingly, as the spring cleaning and gardening season begins, the weather may be a key factor supporting demand.

Check out the chart below:

HomeandGarder SeasonalityAnalysis

Seasonal business opportunities: Automotive

The GMV from the automotive category in the UK increases by up to 15% in March. This is driven by seasonal factors. In March 2016 we may have seen a milder impact due to Easter being celebrated earlier than normal.

As a result, there was a lower demand. However, drivers interested in summer tyres and other car parts are not likely to change their buying behaviour significantly. Thus, we can expect a seasonal boost of sales in Q2.

Check out the chart below:

Automotive SeasonalityAnalysis

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