Full shipping options now available on your international listings

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve been working hard to roll out this critical feature that can turn more browsers into buyers. Your international listings now have ALL the shipping options that you have on your home listings.

Until now, we were limited to replicating the cheapest shipping option from your home listings to your international listings. Now, we can show multiple options on your international listings, which should increase conversion rates by giving customers the options to have your products delivered when they want them.

We know how important shipping options are to you and your buyers. All things being equal, if you offer better shipping options than your competitors, customers will buy from you. Now, you don’t have to lose another customer simply because they wanted more shipping options.

Our team worked hard so that you have this feature on your international listings for the holiday shopping season. So, whether your customers start shopping now or if they procrastinate until Santa is halfway down the chimney, they can choose when their gifts arrive.

This is our gift to you. You don’t pay any extra for it. It’s already included with your service and will soon be implemented on your international listings. Call your Webinterpret Account Executive to find out more.

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NEWS: Our Online Stores shipping service as well as a suite of services for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud platforms is now available as a separate company called Glopal. For more information, visit merchants.glopal.com. If you are currently an existing customer of our Glopal services and you need to raise a support request, please click here for assistance.
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