[INFOGRAPHIC] From the base to the ace (of the international selling)

The coming year 2015 will see more and more opportunities for online retailers due to the fact that the eCommerce industry will continue to grow. Forecasts say that in 2015 there will be around 144.7 million digital buyers in UK, DE,  IT, FR and ES alone. In addition, selling on foreign markets is a source of new customers that generates an increase in the revenue of the business. It would be madness to miss opportunities such as these – said Alexandre Desesmaison, Senior Customer Success Specialist at Webinterpret.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that profits are assured, many online retailers who sell on eBay or Amazon abstain from selling on foreign markets. They do so because of their uncertainty as to what exactly they should do to start selling effectively on foreign markets. We asked Alexandre what every online retailer should do in order to begin cross border trade effectively. Following these steps recommended by this specialist will lead you to successful international sales – even if it is completely new to you now.

infografika from the base to the ace

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