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[Free webinar] Meet Allegro’s largest categories

What are the most popular and the largest categories and subcategories on Allegro? How does Allegro help you excel in those segments? Which products are popular all year round and which ones see only seasonal demand? We’ve uncovered these and many other questions in our recent online event. Brought to you by our colleagues at Allegro in collaboration with our Webinterpret team. Worry not, if you have missed the live session on the 17th of June.

You can now watch the recording on-demand and view or browse through the exclusive presentation. See below.

The webinar presentation & recording give you insights on:

  • The most important subcategories,
  • A typical customer’s profile,
  • The most important campaigns run by the category,
  • Best practices and tips for sellers.

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The booming ecommerce in Poland

Polish ecommerce is growing fast, giving both domestic and international marketplace sellers a great opportunity to scale up their business and substantially boost their revenue. 2020 saw the online retail sales growing to a record high of €22 billion, a 25% rise, compared to the year before.

The future looks bright too with ecommerce revenue expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.28% between 2021 and 2025. On top of that Poland’s annual growth rate of ecommerce revenue in the years 2021-2025 is forecasted to outpace Europe’s strongest economies such as the UK (3.47%), Germany (5.35%), and France (5.24%).

Online platforms like Allegro not only enjoy enormous popularity among consumers. With buyers worldwide increasingly browsing and completing their purchases there.

These marketplaces also increase their share in the global ecommerce revenue, making marketplace selling an ideal way to boost your revenue, both domestically and internationally.

The largest and most popular product categories

So the potential is there! And how to better expand your business to Poland if not with the help of Webinterpret and Allegro, Poland’s most loved and recognizable ecommerce platform.

In the second of our series of online events, we uncover the largest product categories and their subcategories. Anna Godała, Agnieszka Pujan and Maria Mikołajczak from Allegro and Robert Krol from Webinterpret show you how Webinterpret and Allegro help marketplace sellers to excel in those segments. In the three 45 min sessions, we cover the nuts and bolts of the Home & Garden, Fashion, and the Automotive categories. Helping you understand how to use the Allegro marketplace to your best advantage.

Exclusive presentation

Worry not, if you weren’t able to see the live session. You can now download and scroll through the individual presentations. It gives you all you should know about some of the largest categories on Allegro: Home & Garden, Fashion, and Automotive.

Selling internationally & Polish ecommerce: more insights & tips

Surely you’ll have some more questions about Allegro and about expanding to the Polish ecommerce market.

We encourage you to have a look at these Webinterpret’s articles and guide books packed with more information, insights, and recommendations.


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