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[Free webinar] Growing your Amazon business in times of uncertainty

Growing Amazon business in times of COVID-19 might be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. So to ease the marketplace sellers in their online journey through doubts and uncertainties, together with Payoneer we held a webinar, packed with ecommerce tips and insights.

In the webinar recording you’ll find insights on:

  • Current growth trends on marketplaces
  • Why should you now be focusing on international growth?
  • How to reach international buyers with Webinterpret and Payoneer
  • How to maximize your Amazon sales in the time of COVID-19

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Around 2.73 billion people visit the Amazon site monthly to shop online or compare product prices.

The high volume of online traffic and online sales, along with other factors, make this marketplace an ideal place to increase your online sales. However, changing consumer behavior and difficulties with maintaining sufficient cash flow levels might be holding many marketplace sellers back from scaling up their Amazon business.

The lack of knowledge of the international markets and a scarce amount of resources to localize and manage their international listings are the other main blockers that successfully discourage them from growing internationally.

Webinar tailored to marketplace sellers’ needs

That’s why Webiterpret had teamed up with Payoneer and prepared an exclusive webinar. During which the presenters Scott Thomson (Partnerships Manager of UK & Europe at Payoneer), and Robert Krol (Marketing Communications Manager at Webinterpret), shared some ecommerce insights and recommendations. The content has been carefully selected and curated, aiming to make the webinar not only invaluable but also as practical as possible to Amazon marketplace sellers.

Democratizing international ecommerce

Webinterpret and Payoneer both started as a vision of democratizing the international ecommerce and quickly evolved into a truly global and one of the market’s most advanced cross-border solutions for ecommerce. Our partnership has originated from a clear synergy between both companies’ goals and the customers we serve,’ mentioned Scott. ‘The opportunity to work together and present to our joint communities was a great one and we hoped we showed the value proposition,’ he continued.

Video recording with ecommerce insights

For those who might have missed the webinar, held on 16th July 2020, we have prepared a recording. It’s hosted on YouTube, so you can watch it in full or in parts, and conveniently come back to it whenever you need insights, clarification, or inspirations.


Data-driven recommendations

Both Webinterpret and Payoneer are strong believers in data-driven progress. That’s why the webinar and its content was based on Webinterpret’s and Payoneer’s extensive data and the knowledge of our partners. It presents clear trends and changing consumer behavior we’ve seen in recent months.

But most importantly, it guides sellers on how to adapt and benefit from the current ecommerce landscape. It also touches on the elements for a successful strategy for marketplace sellers. One that includes among others, market diversification and improvement to your cash flow.

A further read

The webinar does not completely exhaust all the topics around successful international growth on Amazon. So we encourage you to look at Webinterpret’s articles and guidebooks that will provide you with some more information, insights, and recommendations.

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