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Top ecommerce ebooks for 2021: FREE downloads from Webinterpret

Interested in how to sell products online successfully in 2021? This post lists Webinterpret’s top ecommerce ebooks that many online sellers, especially on eBay and Amazon, have recently found particularly useful.

In our FREE ecommerce ebooks, guides and whitepapers you’ll find:

  • Ecommerce planners and guides for marketplace sellers
  • Ways of identifying top-selling items on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces
  • Practical selling tips & proven ways of growing online sales
  • Comprehensive, quality data and expert advice.

Top ecommerce ebooks by Webinterpret

Webinterpret is a global ecommerce solution provider and also a go-to source of in-depth ecommerce knowledge. With access to comprehensive data and world class ecommerce experts, our mission is to understand what drives cross-border trade and ecommerce success and share our insights with online sellers.

#1 ecommerce ebook: Ecommerce Calendar 2021

Ecommerce Calendar 2021 contains key dates and events that present international sales opportunities for sellers on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces. It also has a handy printable planner with a user-friendly format, monthly tips & useful links to help you grow your sales both domestically and internationally.

download ecommerce calendar 2021

Even though the coronavirus pandemic may still bring uncertainty throughout 2021, the goal of this planner is to help online sellers navigate their ecommerce journey successfully in the coming months.

Your 2021 ecommerce plan

When planning ecommerce activities and campaigns, you may want to concentrate most of your efforts on the last three months of the year. After all, it’s the time of big sales events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

However, spreading your activities and campaigns in a consistent way across 12 months may be your optimal strategy. Every month counts and offers sales potential.

Exploring less obvious options is a game worth playing: by focusing on lesser known local selling peaks on different markets, you can earn even more internationally than during the Christmas season! Keeping track of the ecommerce calendar will point you towards crucial dates.

#2 ecommerce ebook: top-selling items on eBay & Amazon

Listing top selling products on eBay & Amazon can be very profitable: if you know what to sell, when to sell and how to pinpoint this.

In our articles and free PDF for download you’ll learn about:

Download our FREE practical guide and checklist for easier reading and sharing with coworkers. Learn what to sell on eBay and Amazon!

ebay amazon top selling items free download

#3 ecommerce ebook: the complete guide to eBay Advertising

Today, being first in organic results may not give the best results on eBay. Due to the prominence of paid ads, the first organic result may not appear until the middle of the page, or even closer to the bottom!

The fact is that in popular eBay categories, more than 50% of the first page of search results are sponsored products. This includes the first 5 search results that are getting the most clicks.

The bottom line:

To occasionally sponsor a product is no longer enough in many eBay categories.

Thus, over 940,000 sellers use eBay’s Promoted Listings on over 250 million listings (eBay, 2019).

Unfortunately, many sellers aren’t familiar with the so-called rules of the game or find it too time-consuming to understand how eBay advertising really works. For example, sometimes sellers must put in more advertising effort, another time products can sell relatively easily with no (excessive) ad spend.

Our guide focuses on achieving an effective eBay advertising strategy and includes:

  • Essential information about eBay Promoted Listings and ad campaign set-up
  • Analysis of how Promoted Listings work on specific international eBay markets
  • Expert advice on reducing advertising costs and creating an effective bidding strategy
  • Findings from Webinterpret’s study to help sellers understand how to invest in Promoted Listings to get the best possible ROI.

eBay advertising free download

#4 ecommerce ebook: the complete guide to Amazon Advertising

Amazon is the leading digital retailer and one of the most frequently visited web properties in the USA. The platform’s leading position goes hand in hand with high competition among sellers.

As a result, Amazon Advertising is growing and digital ad spend is constantly increasing. Ecommerce ad spend rose 115% (Q3 2019 vs. Q3 2018) and Amazon was a key player (Marin Software).

Further, according to Amazon:

76% of Amazon shoppers use the search bar to find an item, and search advertising is a way for brands to stand out among the competition.

This ecommerce guide will provide you with solid knowledge about Amazon Advertising. The following recommendations for your advertising strategy will help you beat your competitors and sell products online more successfully.

Our Amazon Advertising guide includes:

  • Solid background knowledge about Amazon Advertising
  • The fast-changing advertising reality on Amazon and how sellers can adapt to it
  • Foolproof ways of minimizing cost per click and maximizing conversions
  • Recommendations for optimizing your Amazon advertising strategy
  • The most effective ways of staying ahead of the ever fiercer competition.

amazon advertising free download

#5 ecommerce ebook: increase sales with eBay Promoted Listings at lower advertising costs

Webinterpret analyzed the performance of Promoted Listings on international eBay markets (around 1,000,000 listings were tested). The goal was to help eBay sellers optimize their revenue and benefit from eBay advertising at lower advertising costs.

The study was about the relationship between ad expenses & sales increase on eBay and how ad rates impact eBay Promoted Listings’ bidding strategy.

The results from our Promoted Listings experiment were eye-opening. With ad rates recommended by eBay, Promoted Listings can cost sellers 2-3 times more while not bringing additional revenue.

Poor understanding of how Promoted Listings and bidding on eBay work can result in sellers spending much more than necessary on advertising. It may not bring the desired ROI, either.

The key is to find the right balance: avoid both overpaying for promotion and excessive cost-cutting. Often it’s not about a safe or aggressive bidding strategy, but the optimal one.

For example, for products with higher profit margins, sellers should use more aggressive bidding. For products with lower margins, in turn, ad spend should be lower. Sellers should also regularly adjust their bids due to the changing ad rates of other sellers, e.g. higher bids during the Christmas season.

For 5 key takeaways and recommendations in a format that is easy to read and share with coworkers, download the FREE PDF version with the FULL eBay advertising research results.

eBay promoted listings research download

#6 ecommerce ebook: eBay product identifiers

eBay has been enforcing product identifier requirements (GTIN, UPC, EAN, MPN) since 2016. It’s highly recommended that all eBay sellers add such identifiers to items wherever they apply.

In our article and free PDF for download you’ll learn about:

  • Product identifiers required on eBay (GTIN, UPC, EAN, MPN), including definitions, examples & benefits
  • Adding & finding product identifiers
  • Product identifiers & international product listings
  • Practical recommendations related to this topic to help you sell your products online more successfully.

Download our FREE quick guide with the summary of all eBay product identifiers for easier reading and sharing with coworkers!

ebay product identifiers free download

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