eBay & Webinterpret launch a program for the US sellers

In partnership with eBay we have now launched a program that enables invited US eBay sellers to rapidly expand their online business internationally.

The program that has been live from the beginning of May, has attracted some great interest but also some commentary. An initial teething problem, an eBay technical error, has been resolved and the sign-up process has been made clearer, more robust and more transparent.

In this article we would like to address any doubts sellers might have and to showcase all the benefits of signing up.

The goal of the promotion is to demonstrate how much eBay US sellers can boost their international sales by providing their inventory in the buyer language and currency.

The newly released promotion, which has now been made even clearer and more robust will bring you some substantial benefits:

As already mentioned, US eBay sellers are now able to Instantly launch their eBay store in 6 new markets and increase their sales with Webinterpret’s simple Plug & Play solution:

  • No fees: eBay will not charge insertion or final value fees on your eligible international listings and the Webinterpret solution is offered for free.
    • Rest assured, Webinterpret will not list more than 3,000 listings per market.
    • If you need more selling allowance, it’s very easy to request a higher allowance directly in your eBay account. To do so, please check the following eBay guide. Webinterpret can also set up a lower quantity of items in stock on your translated listings, to help you save up your allowance.
    • When the free trial ends, we will remove your listings from eBay international sites. So, there will be no additional fees for you.
  • Greater exposure: Your items are listed locally on 6 international eBay sites (that’s up to 18k listings completely free of charge). Webinterpret translates your eBay.com listings into French, German, Italian and Spanish and converts your prices to local currency.
    • This way, for example, a French buyer searching for your items with French keywords will find your listings on his eBay domestic site (eBay.fr) much easier. It can boost your listing visibility on the foreign eBay sites.
    • If you are already selling passively to these 6 main markets, we mirror your existing settings to these countries; like pricing, shipping etc. and use those to create international listings. That way we ensure you make the most of the program and the international exposure it offers. If you do not have shipping set to the country to sell passively, then we will not list that item.
  • No hassle: We automatically list your translated and localized items on eBay’s international sites.
    • All stock is synchronised across eBay’s international sites and all new international orders appear in your account as usual.
    • All international items will be displayed multiple times in your seller’s account. But don’t worry!  We’ll adjust your existing stock level and they will not be sold twice.
    • You can easily filter your listing. We show you how to do it here.

The solution is mature, used since 2010 mainly in eBay Europe by 40,000 merchants, and has already allowed eBay merchants to generate above $1 Billion of incremental international sales.

We look forward to boosting your international sales

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