Best eBay selling software and services you need to know

Using the right eBay selling tools will help you beat competition and reduce workload.

As your eBay store grows and you add more listings to your inventory, the work multiplies. This is when automation and selling tools come to the rescue.

Here are the top eBay seller tools that will help you increase productivity, visibility and, above all, sales.

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Click the links below to go directly to the eBay listing tool of your interest:

eBay listing tools: Webinterpret’s eBay listing software
#1 eBay listing management tool: eBay Seller Hub
#2 eBay listing management tool: eBay Selling Manager
#3 eBay listing management tool: Inkfrog
#4 eBay listing management tool: Sellbrite
#5 eBay listing management tool: Kyozou
#6 eBay listing management tools: GoDataFeed
#7 eBay listing management tool: Title Builder
eBay research tools and eBay analytics tools
Other eBay listing tools

eBay listing tools: Webinterpret’s eBay listing software

Are you already a successful eBay seller on your domestic market? If so, the natural next step for you is to go global with your store.

Webinterpret’s international eBay Sales Booster allows you to instantly launch your eBay store in 10 new markets.

eBay Sales Booster translates and localizes your eBay items and then automatically lists them on eBay’s international sites. Your product listings are synchronized automatically (both translations and stock levels).

Your new international orders appear in your account as usual and can be fulfilled using exactly the same workflows as you do today.

With this simple Plug & Play solution, online sellers can increase their sales by 20%.

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Best eBay listing management tools

Check out the following eBay listing management tools. They will help you streamline your processes so you can save time and, ultimately, sell more.

#1 eBay listing management tool: eBay Seller Hub

eBay Seller Hub, eBay’s own template software service, will help you with various tasks, like setting up listings or transferring over existing ones, in accordance with eBay’s rules and specs.

Seller Hub also gives you data, such as listing sights and visits, daily selling costs and frequency of listings links placed in front of buyers.

#2 eBay listing management tool: eBay Selling Manager

eBay Selling Manager is a free tool that allows you to quickly create and manage listings, track sales statuses and perform post-sales tasks (such as leaving feedback or printing shipping labels).

It’s a useful selling solution to get started on eBay and test the waters. It helps sellers streamline and optimize their selling processes.

Ecommerce tip
Set the right price to maximize your products’ visibility in the eBay Best Match position. Consider using a multichannel repricing tool to set optimal prices across the ecommerce platforms you’re selling on.

#3 eBay listing management tool: Inkfrog

Inkfrog, a listing service for eBay, gives sellers multiple options of template listings to choose from. You can list on eBay faster, create beautiful eBay templates and manage your orders.

Some features include:

  • Auto-deactivating listings when you’re out of inventory with auto relist rules and schedules
  • Cloud storage
  • Keeping formatting in place when transferring listings from Amazon to eBay.

#4 eBay listing management tool: Sellbrite

Do you sell online on multiple marketplaces?

Sellbrite cloud software allows you to list inventory in one central catalog and then transfer it to various marketplaces and meet their specs and guidelines. Sellbrite allows you to manage and fulfill orders from your Sellbrite account.

With Sellbrite you can:

  • Sell your products on multiple sales channels
  • Control and sync inventory
  • Manage and fulfill orders
  • Access the multichannel reporting intelligence.
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#5 eBay listing management tool: Kyozou

Kyozou, an eBay Certified Solutions Provider, is an eBay listing software service that keeps sellers up-to-date on eBay updates.

To auto-list and relist listings, you can do it individually or in bulk. You can also create Kits and Bundles.

#6 eBay listing management tools: GoDataFeed

GoDataFeed is an eBay listing software tool that offers a ton of options, such as unlimited data modifications, bulk changes, use of their API, product variations and filters, dynamic optimization, feed scheduling and automated updates.

#7 eBay listing management tool: Title Builder

Title Builder, a free keyword tool, helps you compose product listing titles so you can boost your listing’s SEO and increase its visibility. The tool also suggests a product category, title and keywords (however, you should still do your own research).

eBay research tools and eBay analytics tools

eBay sellers can use market research tools to:

  • Identify top selling products on eBay
  • Make informed decisions around product selection and inventory
  • Learn more about competitors, pricing and markets relevant for specific products.

eBay research tools help sellers optimize their inventory and listings to boost sales. They use eBay sales data to show sellers prices, product demand, product trends and eBay fees. Popular eBay research tools are Terapeak and Algopix.

Terapeak focuses specifically on eBay. For example, if you’re considering offering free shipping, Terapeak can help you make this decision by showing you the average shipping fee charged for products you search.

Algopix, a paid tool, also provides insights into marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

Additionally, some free tools for estimating the cost of eBay and Paypal fees include Final Fee Calculator and eBay Fees Calculator.

Finally, make use of eBay analytics tools:

  • eBay’s own analytics for key metrics alongside each listing (e.g. rankings, impressions, clicks, conversions, watchers).
  • eBay Sales Reports to track sales performance against sales goals.

Analytics tools for eBay sellers help you understand the performance of your listings. In other words, what brings you money and what needs improvement.

Other tools eBay sellers should know about

Below you’ll find more examples of tools and software that will help you sell on eBay more efficiently and effectively, depending on your needs.

On top of the eBay listing software and tools we’ve already mentioned, consider:

  • Xpress Lister (to upload listings in bulk from spreadsheets)
  • WowLister (to take a URL from Amazon and turn it into a listing on eBay)
  • eBay feedback tools and customer support software to deal with a high volume of customer queries

A few extra tools:

  • Solid Commerce
  • 3DSellers
  • CrazyLister
  • Addtowatchlist
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Auctiva’s Ebay Tools
  • Vendio.

Best eBay selling tools: conclusion

eBay listing templates, eBay seller tools and eBay apps save time and ensure consistency across your product listings.

As you expand your ecommerce business, using automated solutions becomes inevitable. This way you can reduce your manual work and multiply your sales outside your domestic market.

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