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Webinterpret at eBay Open UK 2021 [Ecommerce event recap]

Webinterpret had the incredible opportunity to join the eBay Open UK 2021 as a premium sponsor, eBay’s largest business seller event in the UK. The event took place from 28 to 30 September and was packed full of workshops, product rollouts and eBay partner presentations for eBay UK sellers.

The event consisted of online and offline days, with the final day hosted at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

Our team was actively engaged online to support eBay sellers throughout the event, and we also had the chance to send them to Manchester for the final day!

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Webinterpret gave two presentations, the first of which you can now access and watch at your leisure.

Read on to learn more about the event, our first presentation (discussing the power of localization on eBay), and highlights from the successful event as told by Craig McKinnon, UK Senior Sales Executive.


eBay Open UK 2021: Connecting and sharing, as one

This year marked a huge turnout for the event, where over 4000 sellers attended online and 500 sellers were present in-person in Manchester for the final day.

The event consisted of:

  • Live Q&A panel sessions with category experts, guest speakers, on-demand content, workshops, and 1:1 customer service consultation;
  • Strategy insights with eBay leaders and rollouts of the latest marketing tools to boost your listings and sales;
  • New developments from eBay partners showcased in-person and virtually on the hybrid exhibition platform;
  • Celebrating with fellow business sellers at the eBay for Business Awards 2021.
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Unleash your international sales potential with the power of localization

Our first talk was given by our UK Senior Sales Executive, Craig McKinnon, and covered Webinterpret’s approach to simplified international listing through listing localization.

You can click here to watch the presentation now.

So, why is localization important for international selling?
Ecommerce localization is much more than just translation.

Translation is the simple changing of words and phrases from one language to another, but it does not take into account the cultural differences that exist between different groups of people across the globe, and the international markets that they wish to sell on.

Localization includes the process of translation, and so much more. The objective of ecommerce localization is to give international buyers an online shopping experience that is no different from their normal native experience. To put it plainly, buyers always prefer to shop on marketplaces that are in their own domestic language and currency.

Webinterpret’s cutting-edge eBay solution uses advanced proprietary natural language processing to automatically localize listings for marketplace sellers across the globe, and increase their international visibility and sales.

The presentation covers:

  • The power of listing localization;
  • How proprietary natural language processing works to enhance your listings;
  • Webinterpret’s full suite of international selling tools;
    Overview of the European Sales Booster Program (ESB) for eBay sellers;
  • eBay Promoted Listings with Webinterpret.

eBay Open UK Event Highlights

Representatives from our marketing, partnerships, product and sales teams were present on-site in Manchester to engage with eBay sellers and document the experience. Here’s what Craig had to say:

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I spoke to so many existing clients, who by the way absolutely love Webinterpret and the value we bring to their business. From 11am until 4pm we were inundated with sellers. It was brilliant letting eBay sellers know what we can do for them.
Craig McKinnon, UK Senior Sales Executive

You can still contact us and watch our presentation on the event platform until it closes at the end of the month.


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