Customer Advisory Board at Webinterpret

We keep saying that it is all about customer success and that we focus on what our customers really want. Today we would like to show you what exactly Webinterpret does to keep its customer satisfaction rate high.

Last year we organized a project named Customer Advisory Board. CAB, as we called it, was a direct meeting with our customers carried by Willem Rovies – Acquisition & Partnership Manager at Webinterpret. “We were curious about the feedback and ideas of our customers regarding our service. All the great ideas that we gathered from our customers and other online merchants exceeded our expectations and gave us many insights”, said Willem Rowies. “Asking our customers directly about their needs helped us compare our knowledge with theirs. Based on that we know that we have to continue developing”, he continued.

During the Customer Advisory Board meeting its members worked with special tools dedicated to generate business ideas. Business Model Poker Cards and Alexander Osterwalder Canvas were the inspirations of some creative ideas such as new Webinterpret fields of development that our customers suggested to us. The meeting was held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London on the 25th of September, 2014. We plan on holding further Client Advisory Board meetings later this year.

The whole CAB idea was taken from an organization model named customer centric organization. Webinterpret is focusing the majority of its resources on customers needs. Customer Advisory Board is a simple occasion to chat with online merchants who tell us directly what they expect while using Webinterpret. Diane Fletcher, dlf4852 – one of our customers – said:

“I was really pleased I had come to the event as it was very interesting to talk with other sellers. It’s always a great opportunity to exchange experiences with other eBay merchants. The most important for me was the conversation related to the importance of the customer service. For instance, we always make sure that our buyers receive any communication from us in their native languages, not in English. Probably that’s why we have always been top rated since we started selling on eBay.”

“We have run two Client Advisory Boards but this was just a beginning. In the new year we are planning to continue this idea and involve more and more Webinterpret Customers”, said Willem Rovies.

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