British product quality rules the ecommerce business!

PayPal has carried out research on online shopper behaviour which has revealed some facts that could be helpful for online sellers who aim to succeed in selling overseas. The main good news for British sellers is the fact that 86.4 million online shoppers from 29 countries surveyed by PayPal bought from the UK in the last 12 months because they were attracted by the variety, quality and authenticity of products available on British websites.

Here are some fresh facts about online shopper behaviour that PayPal has found out:

  • The top four online export markets for the UK are China, the USA, France and Germany.
  • 83% of Chinese shoppers buying British go mobile.
  • 47% of Chinese shoppers say they access foreign shops that they have successfully shopped from before.
  • Almost half of cross-border shoppers from China (47%) say they access foreign stores by  going directly to a website they have used before.
  • 33% of cross-border shoppers say that delivery shipping costs prevent them from shopping cross-border more often.
  • 26% of online shoppers who have abandoned a cross-border purchase in the past say they did so because the delivery time was too long.
  • 24% abandoned purchases because they were put off by the high cost of returning items.

British businesses can now benefit from two PayPal programs designed to help them grow their business: PassPort, with country-specific guidance and tools to grow global sales; and China Connect, which gives Chinese consumers direct access to PayPal’s merchant partners worldwide and offers free advice and guidance on building online sales.

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