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[Free webinar] Allegro: top selling trends for fall

What are some of the most popular categories on Allegro marketplace during the Fall season? How can seller’s stand out and excel in these particular categories?

We get to the root of these questions, and many more, in our recent online event that took place on the 2nd of September. This event has been brought to you by our colleagues at Allegro in collaboration with our Webinterpret team.

You can still watch the recording of this exclusive presentation if you missed the live event. See below.

The webinar presentation & recording give you insights on:

  • Category and subcategory seasonality,
  • A typical customer’s profile,
  • The most important campaigns for each category,
  • Best practices and tips for optimal selling results.

allegro selling trends webinar

#1 Popular category on Allegro: Kids

In 2020, the Kids segment alone generated 3.8 billion PLN, and it is projected to reach 4.5 billion PLN by the end of 2021.

Key drivers behind this continual growth include the switch from offline to online buying behaviour (a result of the Covid-19 pandemic), and more purchasing of toys outside of special occasions (a result of families spending more time in the home). As well, the “Family 500+” government program has provided financial assistance to many families with younger children in Poland.

Projections for this category show no signs of slowing down into 2022, and with the holidays just around the corner, it is an optimal time to be selling in any of the Kids category divisions (Toys, Baby Gear and Baby Care).

Watch the live event to learn more about the performance split of products in each Kids category division, which seasonal events to look out for, the types of campaigns for this category on Allegro, and the full list of drivers behind consumer buying decisions.

Plus, the top selling trends on Allegro for the Kids category in 2021 (hint: anti-stress toys made the list).

#2 Popular category on Allegro: Beauty

The Beauty category is forecasted to generate approximately 26 billion PLN in 2021, growing just over 4% from the previous year, and reaching 3x faster growth than the offline market. Sold items and active offers in the Beauty category have also doubled in the past year.

This tremendous growth can be attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic (there is an increasing demand for personal care products), the popularization of online shopping for beauty products, and the growing sales of premium cosmetics, amongst many others.

Continue watching the live event to uncover a number of key sales metrics for the Beauty category, the full breakdown of subcategories, the biggest demographic groups to sell to, selling best practices, and the top selling trends on Allegro for Beauty in 2021.

#3 Popular category on Allegro: Health

The Health category is made up of the pharmaceutical segment, the medical segment and the consumer care segment. Currently, the medical sector contains Allegro’s largest share within any market, mostly due to the hosting of Covid-19 products (for example, disinfectants and medical devices).

The live event contains more insight on the complete shares of Health subcategories in 2021, Allegro’s Health category performance against total industry sales, and campaign options for promoting products within this category.

Exclusive presentation: top selling trends for fall on Allegro marketplace

The live session is now available for download, where you will be able to scroll through the individual presentations and watch at your leisure. Tune in to learn everything you need to know about the top selling categories and trends on Allegro for the Fall season: Kids, Beauty, and Health.

This event marks the third presentation of our event series with Allegro, where we uncover the largest product categories and their subcategories. Don’t miss out on expert advice from Agnieszka Lewartowska, Dagmara Gołek, and Sylwia from Allegro and Przemysław Fus from Webinterpret, where they demonstrate how Webinterpret and Allegro help marketplace sellers excel within the covered category segments.

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allegro selling trends webinar

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