12 pictures and more categories in conversion charts on eBay

screen 02 300x231We are glad to be able to announce a number of great improvements regarding pictures and conversion charts for those who sell internationally with Webinterpret.

Quick review of updates

12 Free pictures in all categories are available in Australia, The United States, The United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland and Germany. Now, your foreign customers will finally be able to see all 12 of the photos you uploaded to your origin listing.

Until now, the Conversion charts you have been using wouldn’t let you to set any item parameters unless you were selling in the fashion and sporting goods categories.  But now it is possible even for items that are not in the fashion/sporting goods categories for chart detection.

What does all this mean for your international sell?

From now on you won’t have to worry about not having enough pictures of your items to sell abroad.  Now your potential foreign customers will be able to see all 12 pictures you uploaded to your origin listing. So feel free and capture as many details of your items as you want (up to 12), and we – as always –  will make sure that your customers all over the world will see them on eBay.

Those who were struggling with setting parameters of item in categories other than fashion or sporting goods can stop worry now.  Whatever you are selling internationally in whatever eBay category you can have its own parameter set up. This means that it is not only t-shirts and shoes that can have their own sizes, now it’s everything else too.


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