How to win the BuyBox to multiply your online sales on Amazon

Tip 1: Understand & prioritise your metrics


1. Make it a habit to check your metrics in Amazon Seller Central.

  • A quick view panel will highlight some of the major issues, e.g. a late shipment rate, contact response time or an order defect rate.

2. Don’t focus on all metrics, but the high impact ones.

  • For instance, you can put a bit less focus on replying to all customer questions. Instead, use this extra time to improve your seller rating and remove negative feedback, focusing more on unhappy customers.

3. Check out this article on winning the BuyBox on Amazon.


Don’t ignore one metric completely as an extremely low score in any area is bound to have a negative effect.

Tip 2: Meet the standard & get the timing right


1. Meet the standard that Amazon expects for given metrics.

  • Amazon expects a certain standard for all metrics. For example, your Seller Rating shouldn’t go below 70%

2. Many metrics are evaluated over a period of time, which means that you may be able to wait out the low score.

  • For instance, if your Order Defect Rate hasn’t been great in the last 90 days, but you haven’t got any negative feedback in the last 30 days, time may be all you need to see the scoring in this area improve.


Check your current Seller Rating, Shipping Time and Customer Response Time. This is how you can identify where they can have the biggest impact with the least effort on your part.

Tip 3: Improve feedback


1. Encourage positive feedback and remove the negative ones.

You can attach a feedback request message to the packaging slip or contact the shopper directly via the Contact Buyer link.

2. In the event of negative feedback, work with the unhappy buyer so that they remove it.

This will have a good effect on your Feedback Score & Count as well as Seller Rating and Order Defect Rate metrics.

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With FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), you increase your chances of getting into the BuyBox, even if you’re not offering the best price for a given item. Within FBA your ratings on Amazon can improve as delivery-related negative feedback will be removed.

Tip 4: Don’t forget mobile shopping


1. Ensure good visibility of your offers and a smooth check-out process on mobile devices.

2. Focus on more Amazon-specific functionalities, fighting for the BuyBox being one example.

  • The BuyBox is fundamental for browser-based shopping: around 82% of purchases go to BuyBox winners.


Over 50% of the buyers do their online shopping on their mobile devices. This means you need to constantly be on the alert to make sure you provide potential buyers with a perfect user-experience in terms of navigation, design and the general shopping experience.

Tip 5: If you sell internationally, make the most of the repricer feature.

At Webinterpret we are constantly adjusting item prices on 5 European marketplaces to make sure that our sellers’ listings have as much BuyBox share as possible. After introducing the repricer feature, the BuyBox share of the items in question grew by 35% within 3 months.

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