Webinterpret has improved translation quality

At Webinterpret we are constantly striving for the most efficient and accurate translation of your listings. Our improved efficiency always works to your benefit, allowing us to keep the translation cost much lower compared to other services.

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We have put an extra focus on the listing title as this is what invites your potential buyers to read further and finalise the check-out process. Our aim has been to ensure that the title does not exceed 80 characters, keeping the most valuable and informative terms. By the same token, we meet the eBay requirements without compromising visibility of your listings.


When shortening the title, we work on the source title and retranslate it only if necessary. We remove…..

  1. … redundant information from titles, such as price, delivery, shipping information
  2. … less informative expressions, such as “brand new”, “wow”, white space,s “()”, “/”, “***TOP***”
  3. … expressions which are duplicated in item specifics.

Check the example below to get an idea of the steps that are taken:


☆☆☆ NEW ☆☆☆ Interesting Book (Part 1-3) by John Smith (Paperback, 2015) ☆☆☆☆


NEW Interesting Book Part 1-3 by John Smith Paperback, 2015

We have tested our new improvements on approx 5,000 UK titles and have observed a 12% improvement. We are constantly working on further developments, testing and collecting feedback from our customers. It is always our priority to make sure translation efficiency never compromises its quality!

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