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Sell on Cdiscount: expand into the French online market

Amazon, eBay or Alibaba are the giants of online retail. However, there are also rising stars: marketplaces that are becoming big players around the world, e.g. the French Cdiscount, the Polish Allegro or the Dutch On such marketplaces it may be much easier for international online sellers to stand out as there’s less competition than on giant ecommerce platforms.

This article is about Cdiscount, the French ecommerce leader and a European ecommerce platform that is keen on cross-border trade. Cdiscount is one of the most visited ecommerce websites in France and provides an alternative to competitive global marketplaces.

Learn about Cdiscount’s marketplace basics, data and (international) sales opportunities.

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New ecommerce trend: strong local presence of global online sellers

In the post-coronavirus ecommerce world, exploring further marketplaces provides sellers with extra opportunities to meet increased online product demand in additional markets. It can also help merchants retain their overall sales capacity in the case of potential challenges.

A large number of Europeans prefer shopping from local online marketplaces. Amazon, eBay and AliExpress may still be at the forefront, however there are plenty of local marketplaces that attract millions of monthly visits, such as Allegro, or Cdiscount.

Top 10 online marketplaces 2020 in Europe

Similarly, in the USA one of the leading marketplaces is Walmart.

Top 10 online marketplaces 2020 in the USA

Local marketplaces tend to offer less competition and they often allow cross-border sales & purchases. As a result, many sellers may find it easier to set a firm foot on alternative channels to Amazon or eBay, especially when some product categories are competitive and saturated.

Additionally, local marketplaces tend to have smaller inventories than the big names. Popular items are easily available on those sites but the long tail (unique or hard-to-find) items may be missing or have a limited availability. As a result, international sellers are usually welcome to fill the gaps on such marketplaces.

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On many local marketplaces, organic search results are still a major source of sales for many sellers. Compared to eBay or Amazon that tend to be flooded by sponsored products or ads, the cost of sales on local marketplaces is likely to be lower than on mainstream global ecommerce platforms.
Adrien Salvat, Commercial Director at Webinterpret

Selling on Cdiscount marketplace

Cdiscount is one of the most visited ecommerce websites and the second largest marketplace in France after Amazon. It offers a wide range of products across 40 different categories: electronics, homeware, clothing, jewelry, health care, entertainment, sports equipment, toys & games, etc. Around 30% of Cdiscount sales include some sort of consumer electronics & computing devices.

As Cdiscount positions itself as an online discount retailer, its audience is looking for online deals and special offers. The platform wants to offer top quality products at the lowest possible price and good deals are available all year round.

Cdiscount is growing strongly and offers plenty of sales potential for retailers looking to expand their business in the French market. Finding eBay or Amazon merchants selling on Cdiscount is quite common due to the fast onboarding process and affordable selling fees.

Cdiscount marketplace in numbers

  • 20 million unique visitors per month
  • 9 million active customers
  • 12,000 active sellers from 70 different countries
  • 63 million products in all categories
  • 22,000 pickup points in France for heavy and light products.

Reasons to sell on Cdiscount

  • One of the most visited ecommerce sites in France
  • A wide range of products offered (including second-hand) makes it a good fit for most sellers
  • Access to both B2C & B2B customers, i.e. private buyers as well as businesses
  • The fast enrollment and approval process (sellers can start receiving orders almost immediately)
  • Competitive rates and lucrative payment terms
  • Payment security: customer payments are both secure and guaranteed through the use of FIA-net and 3d Secure
  • A well-developed distribution network: over 22,000 pickup points throughout the country (they offer a free click-and-collect delivery option)
  • Logistics expertise & its own fulfilment service (Cdiscount Fulfilment) that allows sellers to hand over the entire fulfilment process and order tracking. Cdiscount Fulfilment sellers are reported to see an average increase in sales of around +80% (based on the study conducted throughout 2019 on a representative sample of products before and after using the Cdiscount Fulfilment service)
  • Enhanced media exposure, online visibility and a broad reach on social media
  • 2 million subscribers to the “Cdiscount à Volonté” (CDAV) loyalty program
  • Specialized multilingual support: while Cdiscount is currently in French only, all merchants have access to multilingual support that can assist in onboarding.

Cdiscount & international ecommerce

Cdiscount is a founding member of the International Marketplace Network (IMN) founded to create extra growth opportunities for merchants. IMN was created in partnership with Real (Germany), eMag (Romania) and ePrice (Italy).

The role of cross-border trade on Cdiscount is increasing. Since 2018 the platform has allowed merchants to sell in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg.

It’s worth emphasizing that Cdiscount is a great platform for reaching the French market. Unlike other known marketplaces, it does not restrict the access to external sellers. In fact, the marketplace has been increasing their number.

Companies from around 70 countries can offer products on Cdiscount.

France is a perfect market for cross-border trade. France is the third biggest economy in Europe and the sixth largest in the world, which makes it an increasingly popular market for international online trade.

sales turnover

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While Cdiscount is currently only available in French, sellers have access to multilingual account managers. They can get support by email or phone to ensure a smooth onboarding and have all their questions answered.

In terms of shipping, Cdiscount’s logistics expertise can benefit sellers, especially those from international markets with little experience and knowledge of the French market and language.

Finally, it’s worth noting that even though the French are happy to shop from international brands, they expect listings and customer service in the local language. Thus, your listings on Cdiscount should be translated and localized, e.g. you need product titles and descriptions in French.

Sell more on marketplaces in the new decade

Webinterpret supports merchants selling on big, international ecommerce platforms, such as eBay and Amazon as well more local marketplaces, such as Cdiscount.

Our marketplace offer is constantly expanding so if you want to grow your online sales, feel free to contact our sales experts. They will help you analyze your international sales potential and choose markets that will offer you the best possible return on investment.

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