Second Feature of the month (March): List All

This feature is available within the Premium Edition
Most of our customers are willing to list all of the items they are able to ship abroad / for which they have specified an International Shipping Cost.
Therefore you can now “List All” your items automatically. Webinterpret simply mirrors your UK shop abroad.
This feature is particularly useful to sellers looking to dramatically increase their sales.

  • Simply activate the “List All” feature on a shop you created abroad:
    1. Click on the following link:
    2. Click on the link “Turn ON” within the “List All” column, next to the eBay shop where you want to activate this feature

To activate the “List All” feature in an eBay country without opening an eBay shop:

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Select the countries where you want to activate the “List All” feature without opening an eBay shop abroad (and thus decreasing your eBay insertion fees)
  3. Click on the button “List automatically All Items”

To get into the Premium Edition,
Click on the following link:
Or contact us on 020 3318 6235 (UK) or +1 347 338 0941 (US)

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