[INFOGRAPHIC] Overcome the language barrier in international ecommerce

According to an article published in the Telegraph four years ago, UK exporters had to struggle with the eCommerce language barrier back in 2011. Weird…, isn’t it? English should be the world’s favourite language.

Sure, English is the preferred foreign language in schools and courses. However, is it also the case with non-English speaking online buyers browsing for products? The answer is no.

Online sellers, read on and check out our infographic!

In most cases English is not the language of preference for ecommerce activities.

Why? The fact is that most people prefer to browse products in their own language: the one that they fully understand and use efficiently. So this is one of the reasons why back in 2011, UK exporters might have felt lost in translation…

Luckily, the eCommerce world of today has overcome the language barrier by developing translation and localisation services that help to adapt a website to a foreign local market.

language barrier international ecommerce infographic

The highly competitive e-commerce world of today requires online sellers to be able to provide their buyers with the best possible shopper and user experience. This also applies to your international customers.

Try companies like Webinterpret to internationalise your store for FREE! Don’t assume that everybody speaks English as they may lose interest in your offer due to the extra linguistic hassle.

Inspire your customers with a feeling of confidence and trust – this is strongly related to being able to communicate in their native language.

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