In international ecommerce … it’s all about customer success

‘Frankly speaking, it was always all about guiding the sellers from the phase of taking the first steps on foreign markets to the moment of a wide sales expand all over the world’ – said Chris Malkowski, Customer Success Team Director at Webinterpret. Such a journey must be well planned and we were curious about the strategy that Webinterpret takes to lead its customers to the top of the international markets. Here is what we found out.

KMalkowskiHow many customers does Webinterpret have right now?

Chris Malkowski: One month ago Webinterpret had around 6700 customers. Today there are already 9500, selling internationally with us on eBay and Amazon. This means growth of almost 40% in one month. However, even though we consider this to be a great success, we know that our hard work would not be enough if we didn’t have the support of Amazon, eBay and many other partners who are helping us daily to meet our customers’ expectations.

Such rapid growth of customers also involves growth of needs, questions and requests. How do you manage all that?

Chris Malkowski: Webinterpret provides several channels for our customers so that they can easily contact us. They can write to us directly or talk with our Customer Advocates on chat. For those who like to investigate, we have a Webinterpret Help Center where they can find the answers to their questions by themselves.

In many cases we see quantity replacing quality. How does Webinterpret deal with such challenges when the amount of customers’ requests is growing?

Chris Malkowski: Although we are pleased by the fact that our platform is considered very useful by many eBay and Amazon sellers, we are aware of the fact that we must never stop developing our service further. With this in mind, we are carefully listening to our customers’ needs. One of the tools that helps us to do that is our daily customer satisfaction evaluation and the surveys that gather feedback from internet retailers who place their trust in Webinterpret. However, this would not work without the one main thing that this is all really about. Webinterpret’s organizational structure is definitely one of the factors that enables us to react to a dynamic environment such as the e-commerce industry.

Can you shed some light on how the Webinterpret organizational structure reflects on the quality of your service?

Chris Malkowski: Webinterpret wanted to set up an organizational structure that focuses on our customers’ goals. We already know that our customers’ main goal is to sell more and reach higher revenue. With this in mind we have created teams that are dedicated solely to this one main customer objective. The first team is dedicated to daily support for our customers. Their responsibility is to answer their questions, help them to start using Webinterpret and assist them with any uncertainties they may have. The second team is directly responsible for increasing Webinterpret customers’ revenue.

Can you provide some information on how exactly Customer Success Specialists are increasing the sellers’ revenue?

Chris Malkowski: Thanks to the large volume of sellers working with us we have unique insights on efficient ways of increasing international sales. Fortunately those insights are easy to implement and can be successfully used by anyone selling via internet platforms such as eBay or Amazon. Some of those tips are on the subjects of lowering postage costs, removing VAT and using free shipping options.

Can you explain why do those tips work in terms of reaching higher revenue?

Chris Malkowski: Lowering postage costs of listed items can be done in many different ways such as outsourcing fulfilment to a specialist company or joining a trade organization to get group discounts. With regard to removing VAT, we have noticed that our customers who removed VAT on their listings outside of European Union increased their sales by almost 100%. And using free shipping is a tip that is always popular and applicable. Its use can increase sales by up to 30%. These recommendations have some conditions as everything does and we explain them to our customers each time before they use them. However, you do not have to be our customer to find out more about these recommendations. We recently relisted an eBook with eSeller with a compilation of the most important information about optimizing international selling. I believe you may find it useful whenever you are selling or would like to start selling internationally and want to succeed on foreign markets. You can Click here to download the eBook.

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