[Free webinar] The hottest international markets in 2021

What are the hottest international markets that marketplace sellers should be growing their business into in 2021? How to best tackle logistics challenges and language barriers? These and many other crucial questions around the topic of international ecommerce were in 2021 were covered in our recent webinar. This webinar was a joint event brought together in cooperation with PingPong and Easyship.

Selling on international markets will continue to be one of the biggest growth opportunities for marketplace sellers in 2021. It will allow you to scale up your business most easily and efficiently. Ecommerce across the globe grew to unprecedented levels in 2020 and will continue on the strong growth path in 2021 and beyond.

2021 will see a further intensification of ecommerce sales and opportunities and is predicted to bring $4.9 trillion in online sales globally.

As much as rewarding international expansion might sometimes come with a pinch of unknown. So together with PingPong and Easyship, we’ve prepared an insightful webinar filled with stats, tips, and suggestions. It’s primarily designed to help you decide which international markets offer you the best growth potential and are best suited to your particular business profile. It also should help you to make your international expansion more seamless.

In the webinar presentation you’ll find insights on:

  • Hottest markets according to Webinterpret’s and Easyship’s data.
  • Characteristics of the major international markets: EMEA, APAC, NA.
  • Solving logistics challenges for cross-border ecommerce.
  • Tackling language barriers when selling internationally.

Access the webinar

Insightful webinar

An unprecedented surge of global ecommerce sales in 2020 and 2021 makes cross-border ecommerce extremely attractive for marketplace sellers. Especially in the current climate, with buyers around the world increasingly browsing and completing their purchases online, online sellers can tap into millions of international shoppers and sales and boost their revenue.

However, with aspects like which localization, shipping, or selecting international markets, many sellers don’t know where to start and can become discouraged from growing internationally.

To remove some of the challenges marketplaces sellers might be facing Webiterpret had teamed up with PingPong and Easyship and prepared an exclusive webinar. Our speakers Hiromi Ochi (Senior Sales Account at Easyship), Klaudia Kucel Senior (Ecommerce Sales Executive at WebInterpret), and Ryan Cramer (Partnerships & Influencer Marketing Manager at PingPong) showed insights on the hottest ecommerce markets in 2021, you can easily grow to. As well as talked about country characteristics, overcoming logistics challenges, and language barriers.

During this webinar, we wanted also to share our knowledge on how easy it is to embark on international selling with Webintepret’s cutting-edge technology and boost international presence and sales, on the markets like France, the UK, Germany, the US, Singapore, or Hong Kong, for instance.

Exclusive presentation – to boost your international sales

All those sellers who might have missed our webinar or would like to come back to its content once more can now download the comprehensive presentation. We recommend all sellers to have a look at the slides we’ve carefully prepared for you in full or in parts. You can also browse through them, whenever you feel you need more information or recommendations regarding international markets, ecommerce growth, or scaling up your business.

International ecommerce in 2021 – more insights & tips

We’ve packed the webinar with lots of useful insights and practical tips about international online markets. We have not exhausted the topic. So if more questions on international ecommerce pop to your mind, why not have a browse through our recent articles and materials.

We particularly encourage you to have a look at our top 5 ecommerce ebooks and to find out how to sell products online successfully in 2021 and beyond. These ebooks will provide you with:

  • Ecommerce planners and guides for marketplace sellers.
  • Practical selling tips & proven ways of growing online sales.
  • Comprehensive, quality data and expert advice.


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