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[Free webinar] Getting Noticed by Customers in International Markets

What are the best ways to grow internationally and get noticed by customers worldwide? These are the topics we covered in our recent exclusive ecommerce webinar, which we hosted together with PingPong Payments on the 24th of November.

Selling internationally is one of the quickest and most effective ways to scale up your business. Done right it can bring your company a world of potential, with millions of prospective customers and incremental GMV.

However, as lucrative and rewarding as it might sound, international selling still comes across as uncharted territory for many marketplace sellers. With our ecommerce webinar and its downloadable presentation, we aim to help the online sellers with some of the challenges and doubts they might be facing with regards to international selling.

In the webinar presentation you’ll find insights on:

  • Why focus on international growth?
  • Getting noticed on international markets.
  • Paying your overseas suppliers and freelancers.
  • Maximizing your marketplace sales in times of uncertainty.

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The presentation is based on our own extensive data and knowledge of our partners. It presents some interesting insights on trends and the changing consumer behavior we’ve seen in recent months. It’s designed to help marketplace sellers understand how to use international marketplaces to their best advantage, adapt, and benefit from some of the insights and learnings we’ve gathered.

The number of digital buyers is expected to reach 2.05 billion in 2020.

This impressive number of potential buyers, combined with the ever-increasing popularity of the likes of eBay, Amazon, or Cdiscount make marketplace selling and, in particular, cross-border selling an ideal way to boost your revenue. The outbreak COVID-19 pandemic only intensified the trend of ecommerce and cross-border growth we’ve observed in recent years. With consumers worldwide increasingly browsing and shopping online, and businesses resorting to online marketplaces to sustain and grow their sales, it becomes increasingly important but also challenging to embark on your online selling adventure.

Insightful & practical webinar 

The lack of easily applicable online selling strategies and a scarce amount of resources to manage international promotion is the main blockers that successfully discourage marketplace sellers from growing internationally. That’s why Webiterpret had teamed up with PingPong Payments and hosted our exclusive webinar. During which our speakers: Klaudia Kucel (Senior Ecommerce Sales Executive at Webinterpret), and Antonio Sena (Sales Manager at PingPong Payments) showed how to grow internationally in an efficient, seamless, and scalable way.

The content has been carefully selected, aiming to make the webinar not only invaluable but also practical to all marketplace sellers.

Exclusive presentation – to maximize your marketplace selling

Those who might have missed our webinar on 24 November, are able to download the complete presentation. We encourage you to read it in full or in parts and conveniently come back to it whenever you need insights, clarification, or inspirations on international growth, successful marketplace strategies, and much more.

Selling internationally – more insights & tips

The webinar and the presentation do not completely exhaust all the topics around successful international growth. So we encourage you to look at Webinterpret’s articles and guide books that will provide you with some more information, insights, and recommendations.

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